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  • Beat Visible Pantylines… Tips for smooth moves

    Beat Visible Pantylines… Tips for smooth moves

    Q:Beat Visible Pantylines… Tips for smooth moves

    Every time I wear any trousers or tight skirts, the lines of my panties can be seen. It looks terrible. Have you any suggestions? If I wore a thong or g-string would that help? I am a bit reluctant to wear thongs as I might be a bit old for that (I’m 40+) but I’m open to advice.(Dublin, Ireland)


    While wearing a well-fitting thong or g-string would certainly produce a smoother rear view, it only works if your rear is smooth to begin with. It’s not about age, but more about skin-tone when you are wearing skimpy undies. You sound less than confident about having a late start to wearing thongs, so let’s explore other options.

    First off, no matter what the style of your underwear, or the tightness of your tushy, it’s the fit that counts. Most women choose panties that are pretty rather than cut to suit their figures and compliment the design of their clothing.

    There are more styles to choose from than just dental floss or a bloomer. Build a panty wardrobe with a selection of styles that work best for you: bikini (from high leg to more moderate), boyshort with a thong of full rear, control briefs, full coverage rear, hi-waist brief, string bikini, tap pant to tonga.

    No one knows what size you are wearing except you, if the panty tugs, simply go up a size—it sounds like a no-brainer but many women would rather suffer with uncomfortable VPL than wear the next size!

    Obviously the panty should sit smoothly and not pinch, grab, or ride up when you move. It should fit in a flattering place across your tummy (above or below your fleshiest area, not in the middle). Styles which softly dip in the front or are cut in a V-shape are usually more flattering a less likely to cause belly buldge over the panty top than a style that is cut straight across your tummy.

    The leg of the garment should sit on, above, or below your hip bone and not dig into the front of your thigh at a fleshy part for ease of movement. The back must be full enough to either completely cover your rear or glide above your hip to a bonier area.

    Shy away from any binding elastic and seek styles where the elastic is more integrated to the design to create a seamless, fluid line on your figure. Microfiber or a bit of lycra will keep the panties where you want them and be less likely to bunch or slide around as would silk. If you need an absolutely smooth line and going commando is not for you, try footless body shaping pantyhose that holds you in where you need it, but still keeps your lower leg bare.

    Test drive new undies before you commit to buying a wardrobe of them. Once you find a selection of styles that pass your inspection, buy a few of each. To avoid shrinking and maintain the proper fit, don’t put delicate panties in the dryer and follow the label’s care instructions.

    –March 12, 2004


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