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  • Gloss over?

    The lip shtick that sticks 

    A little lip gloss goes a long way- that’s exactly why we’re a trifle shy to get divine with some extra shine:

    There’s that goopy feeling that makes one wonder if their lips aren’t being beamed up as some alien suction device.

    The glop residue catches to our front teeth at the most inopportune times- like in the midst of a good flirt.

    One sip of a beverage and the glass looks like a forensic dream come true.

    A brisk breeze cleverly affixes our hair to our kisser and until we head downwind for some mercy to unhinge ourselves.

    There’s the fear that too much lip shine would give us the slightly inappropriate look that falls into the category of cross-pollinating a Fox News anchor with a Playmate.

    Guess you can tell that when it comes to lipstick, we think it’s dewy or matte. Well, the case is not closed.

    Effet 3D Lip Gloss by Bourjois really does the trick.

    It combines lip volume and sheen in just the right amount without being too shiny, too sticky, too too. The gloss is available now, but come July, there will be 18 new transparent colors added to the line.

    Shine on.

    Available at Sephora,,, and select Ulta stores.

    –March 25, 2004

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