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  • Carven & Celine Wear It Now! Cropped Printed Pants- Resort 2013 Highlights


    Resort 2013 Highlights that you can wear now! Take note ladies, no need to wait until December to get your hands for top inspiring trends to hits stores… First up, cropped printed pants.

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    The 2013 Resort collections may not be hitting shops until months from now, but we take that as even more reason to take a cue and get ahead of the game by paying attention on how to wear the latest future looks now, especially come the transitional weather many of us are currently facing.


    Our first look at key notes that caught our attention at the Resort shows that everyone can instantly adapt into their summer repertoire were a smart assortment of cropped, wide-leg printed pants. Sure, they may bring to mind several off-putting references, from retirees in Palm Beach to sorority girls in pop colored velour variations.

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    However, what the latest evolution of hyper sophisticated print development has brought onto the scene is a trend we suggest you not miss.  Why?

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    First off, how could you go wrong with a closet constant that’s easy on the wear, versatile and perfect for hiding all kinds of ‘tricky’ areas? Not to mention the fact that while they are comfortable, they also allow for breathing room while giving off an age-appropriate vibe on anyone, anywhere.

    While the two examples from Carven and Celine here are precisely styled from head-to-toe, consider a cropped printed pant as a new basic as you’re destined to score year-round wearability come colder climates as they also serve as an ultra-chic base for cozy layering.

    Celine Resort 2013

    Celine’s stellar Resort line-up boasted this covetable pair of lush silk printed cropped pants made all the more alluring via a relaxed attitude and the house’s now signature way of capturing images that evoke movement while highlighting key silhouettes.

    Here, linear patterns may be the main course, but what makes it all work together is a studied hand at cool, nonchalant style maintained by a louche sensibility with a reasonable men’s inspired blazer and shoes cleverly designed to look barely there.

     Cropped Printed Pants, Get It Right Instantly:

    • Look for piece’s that have an updated graphic print or inventive pattern placements
    • Opt for silks and rayons as you want movement that’s billowy, not droopy
    • Avoid work-out associated fabrications such as jersey, it looks sub par and too casual
    • While they work as a wonderful base for layering come colder days, consider pairing them with something as standard as a simple gray t-shirt this time of year
    • A pajama leg or straight leg look best this time around as they boast a break of skin on the leg while allowing for ample coverage
    • Keep things basic but interesting by balancing appropriate colorways
    • Although they instantly look right with heels, refrain from flats that are too feminine, they’ll instantly date this ‘Do’ of a look! — Naveed Hussain

    Shop a Selection of Printed Cuffed Pants Online Now:

    Photo: Celine

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