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  • Resort 2013: Highlights From The Runways So Far from Preen, Celine, Valentino, Balenciaga


    While the Resort 2013 presentations can’t hardly be over, we can’t help but take a moment and share highlights from the season so far…

    And with men’s fashion weeks popping up just as couture is set to start early July, there are still Resort shows being intimately, however sporadically shown, that cannot be missed.


    Take note as many of the season’s collections continue to deliver completely wearable, functional clothes to covet, and what’s even more to take note of is what we’ve got in store for you this week.

    Straight from the top collections we’ve highlighted here will be a four-day look at how to incorporate key ideas into your own look this summer. After all, Resort is for a warmer yet transitional climate, just like the one currently here in NYC and elsewhere.


    Balenciaga Resort 2013

    Nicolas Ghesquiere added a subtle lightness of reduction to his Resort offerings that brought to mind the gentle femininity that ballet themes often tend to without forgoing his strength at subverting codes from Balenciaga’s past with the truly unexpected.

    Never one to deliver a flat idea that’s obviously retro, sculptural cut-outs, leather bodices, ruffles and flashes of tailoring made this light-hearted Balenciaga outing all the more memorable.

    Balenciaga Resort 2013


    Preen Resort 2013

    Girly digitized prints in strong hues juxtaposed with color-blocking lent Preen’s ladylike silhouettes of choice an easy on the wear practicality while hitting many a trend on the dot.

    It takes the right ideas to make something as everyday as a shift dress or a maxi dress for that matter look so fresh and appealing…

    Preen Resort 2012

    Preen Resort 2013

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    Celine Resort 2013

    Leave it to Pheobe Philo’s instinct to keep on track with core ideas she set forth since taking the reigns at Celine amidst a legion of copyists up and down the market…

    No need to consider veering off into 360 degree turns when you continue to excel at color-blocking, pairing rich choices of contrasting hues, and creating silhouettes that can make anyone look ultra-cool and confident in a flash.

    Add a zippered convertible coat in rich tobacco leather, sharp tailored pants with thick color-blocked cuffs and matching separates, all flawlessly executed, and you’ve got the green light to keep going.

    Celine Resort 2013

    Celine Resort 2013


    Valentino Resort 2013

    By now the duo at the helm of Valentino have a broad sense of the label’s woman today and provided many of the best party frocks we’ve seen all season with an expert hand at craft and a refined sense of subtle, sophisticated seduction.

    From electric leopard prints to wallpaper florals, each Valentino touchstone had the appropriate amount of sustainability for today while evoking easy yet enviable perfection.

    Although perfectly in tune with the realities of today, Resort worked as another exemplar showcase of modern-day fairy tale dressing fit for the streets and a princess. And with almost 50 looks ranging from a selection of collard maxi gala gowns, to the current requisite peplum, to deluxe separates where proportion was key, there was something for virtually everyone to take note of.

    Valentino Resort 2013

    Valentino Resort 2013

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