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  • What to wear post baby weight to feel confident about your body

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    q Dear Sharon:  I have always had a small frame. I am about five foot and weigh about 130 pounds. Well, I just had a baby about two months ago. I have baby fat still which makes the fitting clothing I normally wear out of the question.

    Wearing baggy clothes is also a no go since I am so short and do not want to appear bigger than I am. Therefore, I am at a loss as to what my choices are.

    My most important goal is to feel comfortable in my own skin. I have often tried to dress like other people who never worked out for me. Developing my own style is a must. Please help me. I would be forever grateful as this would definitely boost my confidence! (via Fashion Advice)

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    Adjusting back into your life, and body, after a baby can be challenging. Adding the stress of being a new mom only compounds the issue. But with all that also comes joy and self-discovery to a level that you’ve never experienced before. At least it did for me.

    Think of this stage of your body as being in transition.

    Modify your style to accommodate your new figure. But whatever you do, you are absolutely right in not wanting to look like someone else. Just celebrate you, TODAY.

    Rather than wearing clothes that hide you and make you feel worse about yourself, look for clothes that will grow down with you as you slowly try lose your baby weight and firm up. Pieces with a bit of stretch will be more forgiving than structured pieces that will look boxier on you.

    You probably have less time to get dressed now that before baby so narrow down a few good washable pieces that you can throw on in a snap.

    This may also be the time in your life when you want to consider wearing body shaping undergarments when you get dressed up to smooth you over a bit.But rather than only focus on your width, learn how to dress to look taller to visually elongate your yourself. Consider a more monochromtic color palette to bring the eye up and down. Try a shoe with a low wedge to add some height yet still be comfy enough to run around in.

    I created an inspiration board for you on what to wear post baby weight to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Simply click on the hotspots on the items and you can shop them from here:

    • Keeping to a monochromatic theme, I’d start with a lean cut of stretchy jeans that will take you from the playground to dinner with your mate.
    • Curate a selection of drapey blouses and a few slimming tunic T-shirts.
    • To add a little lift, I love an espadrille that works on both the squishy flooring around the swings and sturdy enough to push the carriage around the city.

    Revel in the moment… it goes so fast. Take lot’s of pictures to look back on and smile.

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