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  • What to Wear When Shopping Sales- Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 16


    Sweeties, what you wear to a sale is almost as important as the deal itself!

    When you are after a great deal, you must sacrifice something. And that usually is the privacy of your own dressing and the luxury of an over attentive salesperson.

    But who needs fussing over when there is money to be saved?

    You need to get in, get out, and hone in on the deals fast, before that hand from the other side of the rack reaches in and grabs your bargain find becuase Ms. Thing from the The Addams Family is always there!

    Watch What to Wear When Shopping Sales- Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 16:

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    When prices drop, shoppers can get a bit aggressive, if not downright rude and obnoxious… yes, that’s YOU the paranoidly possessive model wannabe with the postdue for a waxing pits.Black Friday is here, sample sales are still around, and the crazed mad rush at mall sales ensues. Dress right to get your bargains with some tried and true tips and hilarious tales from video co-hosts and diehard shopping experts Sharon Haver & Brad Boles who always have a yen for bargains and a thirst for luxury.

    Video Shopping Tips:

    • Wear something comfortable that’s easy on and easy off.
    • Brad, of course, warns to never have a cocktail before shopping.
    • Never shop with too many people or you will be overloaded with too many distracting opinions.
    • Try to be very focused and hone in on what you want like Sharon. Circle if you must.
    • Beware of that hand from the other side of the rack!
    • Take a shower and use deodorant or you will be grossing our and wrecking Brad’s nerves.
    • Remain politely assertive as sample samples and deep discounts can bring out the aggressive side in shoppers.
    • Don’t become psychopathically possessive… it’s just a sale.
    • Designer sales are usually better deals than collective sample sales.
    • Wear a couple of thin layers rather than a bulky coat.
    • A tank top with tights is the best when there is no dressing room.
    • Wear clothes that you can place on the floor when trying on garments.
    • Yes, wear good seamless underwear and please don’t be the lady in the sheer pantyhose les sans culottes!
    • Of course Brad has a bathroom question and Sharon says “squat, don’t sit” when in doubt.
      If you’re trying on bathing suits at a sample sale, please do so over your underwear… yes, we are looking.
    • Be sure to wear clothes that you don’t have to get completely undressed to try things on, like light layers.
    • If it’s a crazed department store or or a jam-packed mall, check the return policy and take home your finds to try on in a calmer environment.
    • Wear a neutral bra
    • Decorum, etiquette, and manners should always ensue.
    • Don’t forget to wear deodorant!!!

    Have no fear, we’re always going to tell you about something gross because it’s just in our nature. Happy shopping and spend wisely! — Sharon hHver & Brad BolesRELATED:

    Sharon Haver is the founder and editor in chief of Brad Boles is the editor at large and also a reappearing cast member and Jill Zarin‘s gay husband on The Real Housewives of New York CitySharon is wearing a Calypso St. Barth top, Club Monaco scarf, Maison Martin Margiela bracelet, DSquared bracelet & Hermes watch and bracelet, her own of course.

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