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  • What to wear to a New Year’s Eve house party?

    Mercedes-Benz Presents Fashion Week Spring 2010 People & Atmosphere - Day 2
    How many dressy pieces do you really need to own? Not many when they are the right classic ones.

    Let’s help this reader discover what to wear to a New Year’s eve house party with some timeless stylist advice from our fashion archives…

    Q:As much as I love a good party, I always get flustered when it comes to what to wear for a New Year’s party, especially if it is in someone’s house and not a formal restaurant.

    I’m in my 30’s, married and we don’t go to clubs or fancy events that much anymore so I really don’t want to invest in a sparkly outfit that won’t get much other use.

    Don’t get me wrong; I do have a busy social life but not a clubby kind. And I have my share of designer clothes, just not very showy ones.

    As the party is in a friend’s house, it will be casual but it is still New Year’s Eve nonetheless and I want to shine a bit. (Chicago, IL)

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    Dressing for a holiday party may fluster many of us, but it doesn’t have to. Classic, that’s the way to go when you want to look, timeless, chic, and very dressed up without adding a Las Vegas amount of glitz to your wardrobe.

    Depending on the crowd, a New Year’s Eve house party can be a very simple and low-key affair. There really isn’t much need to splurge on something that you may never have the opportunity to wear again, particularly in this economy.

    What you do want to do is rethink what you already have in your closet or add a more glamorous basic that can be worn in a variety of ways.

    I love the enduring elegance of a tuxedo jacket or any other tailored jacket with a hint of dressiness in its fabric- whether satin, velvet, or a touch of sequins or metallic sparkliness. Angela Simmons, pictured here, flawlessly pulled off the dressy tux with feminine touches look.

    Details Angela Simons- Photo: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York/

    The sharp shoulders of a tuxedo jacket are in perfect balance when worn with dark or black lean jeans and fantastic platform boots or dressy sandals, if you already have them. If jeans aren’t your casual thing, try a skinny mini that flaunts long legs. That same tuxedo jacket can later be worn over a simple sheath dress or grey flannel pants for day. And, of course, worn with matching pants for more formal occasions.

    Layer on tons of feminine necklaces- pearls, metal chains, and some sparkle. Each necklace on its own can be worn for day but when piled on together, they are instant glam. One or a few major scale cocktail rings are a fun touch.

    A swipe of vivid red lipstick or mysterious smokey eyes, and a bit more attention to your hair, like a faux bob, is all you need for dressed up beauty.

    See, casual glam can be very easy with not much extra effort. Have fun!

    Inspiration to get the look on a budget:


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