Winter dress tips to be the ultimate Ice Queen

How to look sleek when it’s zero degrees…

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Q:How to look sleek when it’s zero degrees… Winter dress tips to be the ultimate Ice Queen

Do you have any suggestions on what to wear to a formal wine tasting where some walking around the city between dining and tasting occurs? Is it acceptable and normal to see women in fishnets, sexy dresses and heels in very cold temperature? Or, am I more likely to see women in dressy slacks and sequin tops? And, how about sweaters or shawls? I am assuming that the apartment will be rather chilly. I want to look sleek with zero degree temps and really appreciate the help. (Great Falls, VA)


Dressing up when it’s frigid outside can be a rough one. If you are simply going from your car or cab right into the venue, wear whatever works for the event. If there’s some slush involved, you can bring a sexier pair of shoes to change into once you are inside.

But, if you will be spending a good amount of time gallivanting around in the cold and snow- common sense must prevail. No matter how chic you think you look, shivering about in fishnets and stumbling through the snow in high heels looks pretty dopey. Be smart and dress like the ultimate Ice Queen. Rather than worrying about wrecking your outfit or what other people are wearing, wear what gives you the confidence to deal with the weather.

Dress in layers with a simple cashmere cardigan over a sequin top. Plus, you can open the sweater or check it with your coat if you get too overheated. A shawl is another option, but these days a feminine cardigan looks more modern. Over your sexy undies, wear silk long johns or a thermal T-shirt to provide an extra edge against the cold. Designer gloves add a wonderful touch of movie star allure.

Skinny heel dressy boots will work if it’s just the temperature that concerns you. However, if it’s icy, be sure that your boots have a rubber sole to guard against slipping- the shoe repair can add a thin rubber sole to pretty much any shoe. If it’s snowy, play with the edgy ying and yang of combining formal pieces with casual ones—then, work a very of the moment pair of snowboots into the mix for a fresh and practical touch.

–January 21, 2004


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