Nail It?

Quick stick nails for an instant manicure

Quick stick nails for an instant manicure


Sometimes you feel like a glamourella.

Sometimes, you don’t.

Why not succumb to your inner Miss Kim and bling-bling up your mani for the night or for the week?

Caught with crummy nails on the way out to a big meeting? Paste on a perfect French manicure in the cab.

Life is short, there’s no need to spend it at the manicurist.

Sure, there have been fake nails around for years, but they usually look too phony and are pretty high maintenance to keep up. The press-on kind never look that real either and barely stay on to boot.

Finally, we discovered a nail secret that sticks to our little stubby fingernails.

Dashing Diva One-Touch nails are for the absolute commitment phobic and last a few days, at best. Dashing Diva Tailor Fit last for up to a couple of weeks. Both come in a myriad of colors, styles, and patterns from the most subtle to the all wacky, with some so tacky that they are just wonderful!

Have fun, get glam, and spend more time doing something better than waiting for your nails to dry.

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–January 18, 2004