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  • Combat Winter Hair Horrors ?


    Say bye-bye to winter hat hair and static fly-aways

    Winter hair care tips- End hat hair and static hair frizzies, Frederic Fekkai Winter Hair Care products.

    Act 1, Scene 1: Gorgeous Woman (You) dressed in her best attempt to combat the frigid winter freeze enters overheated office for a face-to-face interview for her dream job. Suddenly, she glances at her reflection in the penthouse window…. Horrors!

    No longer a vision of winter style!

    Suddenly, her previously coiffed hair resembles a typewriter eraser gone berserk. Darn, that drying indoor heat.

    Act 1, Scene 2: Formerly Gorgeous Woman (Still You) sulks out of office, grabs a cute designer cap from her handbag to hide her wretched static frizz. Saunters to coffee shop to reflect. Spots a honey of a hunk looking her way and forgets about wretched hair fiasco.

    Removes her hat to flirt with hunk. Coyly gazes in the window’s reflection to check if the honey is still looking her way. Double horrors! Gorgeous Woman is now suffering from helpless and hapless hat hair.

    Foiled by a bad hair day again.

    But, wait…

    Thanks to super hair genius, Frédéric Fekkai it’s easy to destress your winter tresses.

    “The artic air combined with low humidity, brisk winds and dry indoor heat can draw moisture out of even the healthiest hair, leaving strands parched, dull, brittle and prone to breakage,” says hair expert Fekkai.


    Put an end to winter weary hair that becomes dry and static prone or the annoying and dreaded hat hair with the new, limited edition collection of Fekkai Winter Hair products that contain the Fekkai’s innovative Insealate Winter Protection™ formula.

    Fekkai Lift-Define-Shine Styling Compact
    Fekkai Lift-Define-Shine Styling Compact is a purse-size, dual compact to put an end to lifeless hat hair with Root Lifting/Piecing Wax that pumps up flatted roots or nicely defines modern ends. The added bonus of Glossing Balm winterizes hair by insulating the cuticle to lock in shine.

    Fekkai Anti-Static Weightless Mist instantly tames static and fly-aways while sealing and soothing the hair cuticle from frizzies—a perfect cure for hat hair or apres ski.

    Fekkai Thermal-Restore Insulating TreatmentFekkai Thermal-Restore Insulating Treatment warms on contact with water to infuse moisture into winter ravaged hair. Incorporate into your regular hair care regime to prevent cold weather hair breakage and dryness and maintain softer and more luxurious locks.

    Act 2, Scene 1: One week later. Gorgeous Woman (You) makes peace with the elements and tosses her hair to the artic wind.

    The End.

    –January 24, 2007

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