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  • Women Entrepreneurs: Your Business Coach May Be Keeping Your Broke! [Quick Tips Video]

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    If you are a women entrepreneur and you do not consider this, you will go broke trying!

    Let’s get real: we live in a visual world.

    Like it or not, as a women entrepreneur, you are the face of your brand.

    No matter how much substance, expertise, and experience you have, if you do not pay attention to your visual message and the silent but powerful language it speaks in your presence, branding, headshot, logo, typeface, web site, videos, and anything that is part of your personal brand, you will go broke going unnoticed while others succeed.

    Look at the top women business coaches you admire- the ones making helluva lot of money. They LOOK the part!


    So, if you go after all the shiny object tactics, courses, programs, and do everything your business coach tells you, in exactly the same way they do, and all you get is crickets…. well, how about considering if you are presenting yourself on brand?

    If you REALLY look like a pro.

    If you REALLY look relevant.

    If you REALLY look like a go-to expert.
    Or, do you look like a dated schlump who just came out of her work cave?

    ‘Cause if you do not look relevant, no one will assume that your work is relevant and you will go broke trying to get noticed in an overcrowded market.

    So, my fellow entrepreneurial friend, as a business coach for women and a style expert, it’s time for you to step into your STAR Power and shine!

    If not, you are wasting your efforts and the world needs your expertise,

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