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    Get James Bond Smooth Moves

    007 Close Shave, Get James Bond Smooth Moves Norelco Spectra- Stylethingat Focus On Style

    Okay, we get it… there’s a gazillion men out there with a James Bond fantasy.
    Fast cars.
    Fast women.
    Perfect wardrobe– you’ve gotten that knack down.
    Great gadgets.
    Freaky friends.
    Disposable enemies.
    A wicked sense of humor.
    And, the accustomed ability to hightail out of the hairiest[/link] of situations– this is where you can make like Bond in razor speed!

    Face it, boys like toys and there’s no character around with more cool gizmos than 007. So why not give your kisser the same smooth moves? The high-tech Norelco Spectra LCD Cordless Shaving System will be making its film debut tete a tete with Pierce Brosnan in the upcoming Die Another Day, due out November 22.

    For those preoccupied with other things, like saving the world, 007’s souped-up shaver has an advanced LED display that indicates when the razor needs to be cleaned, when the rotating heads need to be replaced, and how much shave time is left.


    Need to pile on more Bond ambition? Chill to Madonna techno track’s to guarantee your groove thing gets shaken, not stirred.

    –November 12, 2002

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