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    The Skinny, Long, Knit Muffler That Rocks

    It’s time to scarf it up without adding bulk.

    The fashion ticket of the moment is lanky and long, but it’s not models we’re referring to, it’s the far-reaching muffler.

    Wrap it once around your neck and let the ends fly free to infinity. If it’s striped, it’s better.

    Want to bring out your inner designer? Then hop on the so trendy do-it-yourself knitting wagon.

    The skinny on this knitting project is that nothing is too long, so no need to get mucked up in the perfect fit. Try the Fluffy Muffler in Hip to Knit (Judith L.Swartz; Interweave Press)- you’ll get a wonderful sense of accomplishment, plus, maybe, a great beginning for some holiday gifts that have a personal touch.

    Still want that long and lean look, but for warmer environs? A slinky silk or delicate crochet oblong scarf a la early Mick Jagger will do the style trick.

    –October 29, 2002


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