5 Ways To Use Video To Grow Your Business Now Without Seeming Tone Deaf

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The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to reach a larger audience to grow your business now is video- you record yourself!

I hope all is well and you’re staying safe… it’s stressful, I know.

Even on Day 56 of New York lockdown, I have been able to grow my business…

Several community members have asked how they can continue to grow or adapt during this strange time so I thought I’d share with you too.

1. Literally put everything on pause (I know you are, but is your content?) and stay relevant.  The most effective way to do this is with video. 

Not only can you just pick up your phone and create content but video allows you to show your emotion, your life, and reinforce that “we are all in this together.” 

We are all starving for human connection whether real or virtual, so video reinforces that bond. You can go live or recorded, but just be present and not read from a script..

2. You can’t ignore the elephant in the room of a global pandemic, so address the situation and offer solutions to ease someone’s day. 

Provide value, demonstrate your service, even share a recipe or a hair tip… video doesn’t always have to always be on your topic, it can be sharing something that’s important to you and  be vital for your audience as well.

3. Follow the lead of TV and broadcast “at home.” I don’t know about you, but i love getting sneak peeks into how people live. Jimmy Fallon’s quirky country home with kiddos, Gayle King’s library, Chris Cuomo’s basement, Rachel Ray’s definitely “well used” kitchen… the Saturday Night Live cast in their pads, Cate Blanchett in PJ’s from her living room.

If you were unsure of where to shoot video before, just look at TV now and see how easy it is to just use your phone, computer, or in the rare case, a camera. Find a cozy spot to create your “at home” broadcasts.

4. Honor the platform you’re using. Not only should your content not be insensitive but the style of your content should “belong” on the platform to not seem sales-y… even if they are offer videos.

Native content flows seamlessly with the other type of content on the platform to not seem sales-y. In short, it’s real content, not staged.

The strange truth about “native” videos is that they have a reach of up to 86% higher on Facebook as compared to videos that are not.

The power of intentional “homemade” phone videos can’t be beat for engagement and conversions!

5. Keep your content friendly, provide value, and don’t ramble or zone out. There’s a definite tactic to being conversational but also being nice and tight. 

I use a video scripting framework that helps hit content marks, be real,  and succinctly get the message across without sounding weird or stiff

I think of it as a breakthrough framework for turning people who never even heard of you become your most devoted audience and best repeat customers… 

Simply because you turned your phone into your own broadcast studio and pressed record!

The framework is called Video QuickStarter it’s the short term business growth strategy that brings long term results… even from home.

Here are a few of things I share in Video QuickStarter:

✅ The sweet “secret” to guaranteeing your success on camera with easy to follow frameworks so that you never sound stiff and scripted.

✅ How using your phone or computer to create videos is like bees to honey for your best audience to relate to you without getting turned off.

✅ How to charge MORE than your competitors by simply looking your worth.  

✅   How to build rapport and increase your know, like, and trust bond so you are the obvious solution to their problem when they are ready to buy. 

✅  How to create more videos and film less! No need to reinvent the wheel and do more videos when you use this pro tactic to multiply your content!  

This is merely a fraction of what I share to make your life easier, more productive and more lucrative with video. You can get everything, here.

If you ever heard the truism, money loves speed. The same goes for video!

I packed with exactly what you need to devour all the content in ONE day…

By this time tomorrow, or even later tonight, you can…

Put the techniques and frameworks in Video QuickStarter to practice so you can…

Grow your business, attract new customers, establish your brand on video, even if you’re not techie or never held a camera in your hand… I got you covered!

BTW: If you should decide to go further, this is a marketing test and the offer can go away at any time… so grab it for a steal now!

Click here if you want to learn more about staying afloat, launching your brand and growing your business with video, even from 🏡

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