The Biggest Branding Mistake That Solopreneurs Make

When you are truly your own boss and wearing many hats, there’s one big branding mistake that many solopreneurs make.

Good News: It’s an easy fix.

*true confession*

Solopreneurs have all the enviable freedom, right?

Well, kinda WRONG!

That’s what I thought.

I launched my website back when my son was an infant so I could be a stay at home mom AND have my own business.

That was 20 years ago and it started out right.

YET, as my business grew, based on industry trends and my ego, I wanted something more. So I got lost behind my brand and became an entity rather than a person. . rather than Sharon Haver.

Can you relate to that in your business?

But then the BIG SHIFT happened.

Real people are where it’s at- that’s what cements the know like and trust factor.

Ironically, my former career was a photography stylist so I knew all the pro tricks to be the face of my brand, yet I was still camera shy.

Once I really brought out my PERSONALITY it all came together in my rebrand. You see, as a personality brand rather than a personal brand or a business brand, there’s an EMOTIONAL connection.

That’s exactly what makes you magnetic to your most aligned audience.

Bonus points: you’re just being you!

Imagine, not getting people who look at you like you’re a two-headed albatross because they don’t get you and aren’t your people? Cool, right.

All this starts by showing up authentically like celebrities and big gurus do.

Slice of life kinda stuff is the draw… like on reality TV. Your photo is the lure. Because 90% of what people first think about you is based on your photo. Being real.

I can help you with that.

💎 was created to help you authentically position yourself with photos like I did.

Because this is so critical to your business growth in today’s crowded market, I waived the $497 program price for a limited time.

Go to – it’s free!

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See you there!

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