The State of Modern Business Today… [Video]

The State of Modern Business Today

Modern business for a female entrepreneur or a savvy business owner, coach, consultant, or free-lancer today’s online market can be tricky.

The pandemic threw a monkey wrench that no one could have predicted other than the tired tactics of before were about to implode some way, somehow.

So there’s good reason for you to be stuck not knowing how to get you + your business out there.

It’s a strange time, for sure…

Especially if you’re a speaker, consultant or coach who depended on live events to fuel your business.

You may ask yourself: how can I keep my business thriving when I’m not techie???

Well, I’ve been successfully online for 21 years… seen the best and worst of being solely digital….

Once you understand modern business,  this is definitely the EASIEST and most EFFECTIVE time to be online!

We are no longer living in a society where ignoring virtual, web presence, and social media is okay.

It’s critical to be visible online with the backend to support your more front end social media and website marketing and sales funnels.

Watch my video to learn more:

I know it can be scary to have an online business, online course, online offer… online anything.

Especially if you’re from a generation that can barely use email (hello… my husband).

But if you’ve been taking baby steps… now is the time to take giant steps…

There’s an entire population with cabin fever, surfing the ‘net (do people still say that, lol) in need of YOUR expertise!

You’re depriving them… and depriving you!

The world is not the same as it was… 

I believe that once everyone sees the ease of online… there will be even more people shifting their business model.

So get in and scale while you can!

I’ve opened up a few free consultation spots to help you out so you can know your next best move… there are some questions that you will be asked to see if we are the right fit… 


There’s no obligation to go to the next step, no pressure but you must have the mindset to invest in yourself. I have… and only work with those who do the same.

💥Just go to to apply.

My team and I are here to help…one step at a time.


 Entrepreneurship In Times Of Quarantine: How To Build Your Business in The New Normal [Video]


Video Transcription

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00:00:01.01] Hello from the couch. [00:00:04.03] So this is such a critical time [00:00:08.04] for so many of us. [00:00:09.05] Putting all the health threats aside, [00:00:13.06] and knowing that we have to show up for ourselves [00:00:16.01] to show up for others, to just stay healthy now. [00:00:19.02] What about your business health? [00:00:21.06] So what I’ve been getting [00:00:23.03] is I know so many women who were speakers [00:00:26.06] in the coaching industry [00:00:28.05] and who just kept saying, [00:00:30.09] “I don’t have an online business,” and are not techy [00:00:34.05] who are really at a loss right now [00:00:38.03] and absolutely scrambling [00:00:40.08] because they don’t have the infrastructure [00:00:43.05] to be able to build a business, [00:00:45.06] to be able to deliver their business, [00:00:48.05] to be able to get more customers and clients online [00:00:52.09] because they were using solely speaking, [00:00:56.03] and there’s nothing wrong with that, [00:00:57.08] as their main funnel so to speak. Right? [00:01:01.03] As their main form of business [00:01:03.06] and they’re really suffering right now. [00:01:06.02] So if you’re finding yourself, [00:01:07.09] either because you have just felt [00:01:10.02] that you’re not techy and you felt that you [00:01:13.03] just don’t want to be online for whatever reason [00:01:16.06] and really feeling the hurt right now [00:01:20.03] and feeling choked, maybe I can help you. [00:01:24.03] I probably could but let’s see. [00:01:26.09] You know, I’ve been in business now for online [00:01:30.04] I’m in my 21st year online. [00:01:35.02] I have seen ebbs and flows [00:01:37.04] and all sorts of just morphing [00:01:40.03] and changing and rebranding the business [00:01:42.03] from rebranding only the type of content we deliver [00:01:45.07] to rebranding the type of customer we work with. [00:01:48.08] You know, I’m a Gemini. I love change [00:01:51.02] and there have been times where it’s been just [00:01:55.03] [I have an itch on my nose. Sorry guys.] [00:01:57.04] There have been times when it’s been amazing. [00:01:59.09] There’s times when I’ve been wanting [00:02:01.09] to pull my hair out online but through it [00:02:05.00] and because of each tech hurdle [00:02:08.04] and each tech opportunity, I’ve learned [00:02:11.06] how to build a business [00:02:14.01] that lives online without me so I can only, [00:02:18.01] on good days when you can travel, [00:02:20.08] travel wherever I wanna travel to [00:02:23.03] and not feel burdened to get out there physically [00:02:26.05] and go to places and not know if I could sell [00:02:28.09] or I can’t sell or who’s gonna be there [00:02:31.02] or what’s the crowd. [00:02:32.05] But being able to build a brand [00:02:34.08] and build an opportunity for myself [00:02:37.08] that I can help other people [00:02:39.01] because I’m there. And through online marketing [00:02:41.09] and branding and advertising [00:02:43.04] and having a website since 1999 that I am able [00:02:47.07] to have my most aligned audience come to me. [00:02:50.04] I’m able to attract my most aligned audience. [00:02:53.03] I hate that expression of “money when you sleep” [00:02:55.03] because I think it’s a crock. But money [00:02:57.08] when you’re not really out there fightin’ for it, [00:03:00.07] you know, when you’re doing it online. [00:03:03.06] And we are living in a virtual world right now [00:03:06.06] where online businesses are probably the one business [00:03:09.05] that are really making a fortune right now. [00:03:11.06] I shouldn’t say probably, they are. [00:03:13.01] Like video conferencing, web conferencing. [00:03:15.09] If you’re doing, you know, a launch model [00:03:18.05] where you have to get out there [00:03:20.05] and speak at events, well, the events aren’t happening. [00:03:23.05] If you’re doing a workshop model. [00:03:25.08] Well, that’s fantastic but you can’t do [00:03:27.07] a workshop model without having an online backend. [00:03:31.02] If you’ve never been on social media [00:03:33.01] because you’re just afraid of it [00:03:35.00] and don’t think you need it, well, [00:03:36.01] now it’s the time, that’s where everyone [00:03:37.09] is right now. So that’s said. [00:03:41.03] I have opened up a few spots [00:03:43.04] and there’s only a couple of us [00:03:44.07] that I can get on the phone with you [00:03:46.07] and it’s called First Impression Session. [00:03:48.05] Go over to [00:03:51.07] That’s [00:03:54.06] and there’s gonna be a few questions [00:03:56.03] that we’ll ask you and you’ll answer. [00:03:59.00] And we’ll see if we could possibly be the right fit. [00:04:02.00] And we’ll look at what you’ve got now [00:04:04.09] and see what you need next [00:04:07.05] to be able to sustain in an online economy, [00:04:11.09] in an online virtual business. [00:04:14.07] Now, we can only take a few people, [00:04:17.05] I’m gonna be honest, I wanna help everyone [00:04:19.07] and I help everyone all the time [00:04:21.09] through my Facebook lives, through my Instagrams, [00:04:24.09] but on the call we’re gonna ask a couple of questions [00:04:27.05] to see that if we feel we’re the right fit [00:04:29.09] for each other, we can take this further. [00:04:32.08] So, as long as you are able to agree [00:04:35.00] that if this is for us we can take it further [00:04:38.01] that’s great. [00:04:39.03] There’s no high pressure, there’s nothing. [00:04:42.00] It’s like, see what we see, see what we think, [00:04:46.01] if you feel we’re right together, [00:04:48.03] if we feel we’re right [00:04:49.02] and able to really help you, cool. [00:04:52.04] We’ll be there to help you. [00:04:54.00] I really very rarely take on private clients. [00:04:57.03] I very rarely take groups. [00:04:59.06] We might be starting a special group soon, [00:05:01.05] I’m not sure for this. [00:05:03.08] I just want to be able to help you [00:05:05.03] and see how I can help you [00:05:07.01] through my knowledge of over 21 years of being online, [00:05:12.00] of having an online business, [00:05:13.06] through my knowledge of working [00:05:15.02] with some of the top coaches in this business. [00:05:18.00] I have invested a fortune in my own personal [00:05:21.01] and professional development online [00:05:23.07] and I’ve tweaked it and changed it [00:05:25.08] to what works for me personally [00:05:28.01] so I wanna be able to do that for you too. [00:05:31.01] So go over to [00:05:34.00] And let’s see… but you shouldn’t be hurting right now. [00:05:37.06] You shouldn’t be strangling yourself [00:05:40.01] not knowing what to do online. [00:05:43.07] Being techy is not that difficult. Trust me. [00:05:47.04] There’s things that you can bite off more [00:05:49.09] then you can chew on and there’s things [00:05:51.05] that are really simple. [00:05:53.00] It’s not the way it was 20 years ago when I started. [00:05:56.02] There’s just so many resources and ways right now [00:05:59.08] to make it simple and to be able to be online [00:06:02.09] and if you are not online right now [00:06:05.09] and you don’t have your backend, your funnels, [00:06:08.08] your email, your videos, whatever you need [00:06:11.09] set up properly, your photos to bring people in, [00:06:15.07] all being authentic, because what works [00:06:17.05] for one person doesn’t work for another. [00:06:19.06] That’s why I believe in things being authentic. [00:06:21.06] There’s no cookie-cutter rules. [00:06:23.04] If you don’t have this set up [00:06:25.06] to best serve you now, [00:06:27.04] you are really hurting yourself. [00:06:29.05] You’re kicking yourself in the back, [00:06:31.07] shooting yourself in the foot, [00:06:34.02] whatever those expressions are [00:06:36.00] but you’re giving yourself a disservice [00:06:38.03] and it’s a disservice to those people out there [00:06:41.04] who you can help with your genius zones. [00:06:44.00] So by not being able to fully deliver, [00:06:47.04] you can’t help people [00:06:49.00] and you’re just isolating yourself [00:06:51.02] through this isolation. [00:06:52.04] So, that’s it. [00:06:54.03] [00:06:55.09] If you have any questions, [00:06:57.02] feel free to put them below [00:06:59.02] and let’s see what we can do [00:07:00.03] to work together in any way [00:07:02.01] or at least get on the phone and see. [00:07:05.03] Get our eyes on your business. [00:07:06.09] I’ve got 21 years of experience doing this. [00:07:09.02] Believe me, I’ve seen just about everything. [00:07:12.04] Mwah. [kiss] Bye-bye. [00:07:13.04]

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