Introducing: The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast, up your style + success this week!

I am thrilled to introduce my new project, The 7 Days to Amazing podcast!  It’s live on iTunes, so please go here and subscribe for free.

This podcast interview series is a long time coming as I see so many women who crave a way to be their most amazing self but often grapple with where to start or how to possibly find the time to make the effort. Just as style is a sum of its parts, having an amazing life is well-balanced in all aspects from your style, your business, your beauty, your world… it all comes together in a way that that best reflects your true happiness and success.

Each episode of 7 Days to Amazing is a conversation with noted thought leaders, celebrities, motivational mavens, fun fashionistas, marketing masters, and career catalysts  you share tips and strategies on how to live your most amazing best life. Interviews are very actionable and designed to not be overwhelming but provide a game plan to kickstart how you show up in the world by learning what it takes to make your life, business and style even more amazing in the next week.  

We are LIVE: The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast is where you learn how to make your life, business and style even more amazing this week.

Kick off guests on 7 Days to Amazing include:

Carson Kressley– Makeover Expert Advice to Unleashing Your Personal Style
Carson is a TV Personality, Fashion Makeover Expert & Author of “Does This Book Make My Butt Look Big? A Cheeky Guide to Feeling Sexier In Your Own Skin & Unleashing Your Personal Style”

Alison Levine- Climbing to the Top, Lessons on Leadership
Alison is an adventurer, explorer and mountaineer. She climbed the highest peak on every continent, was the First American Women’s Everest Expedition Team Captain as well as being a leadership consultant and top Keppler speaker. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller “On the Edge” and the executive producer of the Glass Ceiling documentary. She also packs a mean suitcase.

Kathryn Weber–  How to Create A Successful Life By Creating Successful Environments
Kathryn is one of the leading experts in feng shui on the Internet with her world recognized feng shui e-zine, the Red Lotus Letter.

Dr. Stephen BracciAdvanced Beauty, What’s Hot in Non-Surgical Ways to Look Refreshed and Ready In Photos, Video, and Life.
Dr Bracci is owner + founder of Verve Medical Cosmetics since 1999  where he focuses on non-surgical solutions to improve and maintain a youthful appearance.  More on Dr. Bracci’s  techniques.

Jackie Ruka How to Get Happy and Enjoy Your Life.
Jackie is America’s Happyologist. She scientifically and joyfully educates you to get happy by disrupting the “stress to reach success” mindset in your life and work.


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That’s just the kickoff guests!  There are so many more exciting and informative shows coming up as I’m committed to bringing you a diverse array of experts who not only share their wisdom but tell their story from their humble beginnings to the pivotal points that lead to their success… you will be AH-MAZED!

7 Days to Amazing really is a dream come true for me. I grew up with talk radio being a constant sound in the house and learned so much from listening. Now, with iTunes, women can listen on demand wherever they are. Easy-peasy.


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Episode transcripts are available here on FocusOnStyle.

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