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  • Want to maintain a youthful appearance? There’s a new way to get a natural and non-surgical lift!

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    Advanced Beauty: The Non-Surgical Lift

    If the idea of looking like a matron caught in a wind tunnel or Botoxed so tight that you can barely smile freaks you out, I have a some revolutionary Advanced Beauty tips to maintain a youthful appearance from cosmetic restorative guru Dr. Stephen Bracci of Verve Medical Cosmetics.

    A problem many of us have is that we try to eat healthy, drinks lots of water, maybe don’t smoke but enjoy a few glasses of vino here & there, and exercise (as much as possible). We have drawers of creams too. But with time comes shifts in your facial structure, according to Dr. Bracci who keeps his clients looking youthful, luminous and natural.

    While you may not want to go crazy for a plastic surgery overall (the thought scares the heck out of me), you realize that appearing tired, drawn, saggy, and dull is not the best look for not only your self-esteem but for how you are perceived in the marketplace.

    Here’s the thing, you don’t need plastic surgery.

    And “spot fixing” certain areas may not prove to provide the pleasing results either.

    While most people try to “fix” a certain area of the face, Dr. Bracci utilizes a non-surgical system of structural Lifts to maintain the architecture of the face as a whole.

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    Think of your facial architecture in a similar way as the architecture of your house.

    Imagine, dramatically updating one room and nothing else. Suddenly, by comparison, everything else in your house starts to look a little shabby.  But if you went little by little throughout the house, everything would be refreshed, revived and balanced.

    It’s the same with the architecture of your face.

    You tighten your eyes and your forehead looks more crinkly, you tighten your forehead and your chin looks droopier.  Not to mention those who have inflated cheekbones in an effort to try to look young but instead end up looking not only “done” but odd. You know what I mean. Because you have certainly noticed the results of inconsistent work.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way.

    I spoke with Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Stephen Bracci, the artistic cosmetic expert behind the BaseLift™ & EyeRise™ treatments heralded as easy cosmetic procedures for quick, yet long-lasting fix’s for facial structure boosts.

    Check out the before/after images provided by Dr. Bracci and see for yourself how subtle yet striking these non-surgical cosmetic procedures are.


    Before & After

    Sharon Haver: Botox is top of mind for many when they think of touching up their appearance. How has Botox changed since the 1990’s?

    Dr. Stephen Bracci: For years, Botox was considered a treatment for movement lines, but today it is truly a “preventive” treatment for the formation of wrinkles.

    SH: Tell Us more about BaseLift™ and EyeRise™?

    Dr. SB: The philosophy of EyeRise, the non- surgical treatment for under eye bags and BaseLift, the full-face non surgical restoration, is to restore the foundation and shape of the face. By adding back to the areas under the skin or the base of support with injectable fillers we can restore what’s lost.

    Fillers today are much more than just wrinkle fillers– they are truly supporters of the architecture of the shape of the face.

    SH: Out of curiosity, what’s the most common problem area you find yourself addressing, and besides playing smart with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, any tips on ways to keep your facial structure in check between appointments?

    Dr. SB: Aside from supporting the skin with fillers, topical anti-aging creams and facials help the surface of your skin but they will not prevent sagging skin foundations between appointments treated with fillers. My advice–eat a balanced diet, exercise, limit your alcohol and get enough hours of sleep every night.

     How long does it take to recover from a non surgical EyeRise, and BaseLift procedure?  

    Dr. SB: Both EyeRise and BaseLift are lunchtime procedures, that in most cases allows clients to go out that evening and return to work. The most common side effects are swelling and /or bruising. Each client is different, and receives a uniquely tailored treatment – so side effects vary.



    SH: How do you know how much results to deliver + how do you keep people looking natural ?

    Dr. SB: The main goal is to restore the shape of the face to its original position, and unlike surgery we are not re-positioning or removing tissue. By treating the entire area of the face that has lost support of the skin rather than just filling in a line, there is a more natural and significant improvement made. The results appear immediately, so there is very good feedback to the amount of results. Moreover, clients are encouraged to return after an EyeRise or BaseLift procedure so that the overall results can be fine tuned.

    SH: What is the most efficient method to keep the face appearing rested and natural?

    Dr. SB: By far the best way to treat and prevent wrinkles in the upper face and around eyes is treatment with Botox. For the mid and lower face the most direct way is to maintain the support under the skin with fillers or better stated “cosmetic supporters.”

    SH: Let’s go by age groups, what do you do for maintenance say 30-40, 40-50 and so on…

    Dr. SB: For 30-40’s I recommend regular Botox and cosmetic fillers. Depending on the individual, treatments will provide base support for various levels of sagging skin. In addition fillers provide a preventive function as they assist with collagen repair so starting in your 30’s and 40’s is recommended.

    For 50’s and above you should maintain with Botox and cosmetic fillers and consider a very low dose of hormone maintenance to prevent skin and hair changes with menopause.

    SH: How do you consider when enough is enough as we’ve all seen a celeb or notifiable figure here & there filled to the max and then some?

    Dr. SB: Many of the cosmetic misadventures seen in celebrities are related to surgery which involves re-positioning tissues or removing tissue, or permanent fillers such as silicone. There is sometimes an over correction of a type of filler called Hyluronic acid (Juvederm , Restylane) – which can lead to puffiness, however theses fillers can be reduced by treatment with an enzyme that dissolves theses products.

    We have other types of filler that are non Hyaluronic acids that tend to not cause puffiness, but instead give excellent definition. So in other words, if the correct combination of fillers are applied to the correct location there should be little chance of looking fake.



    SH: What is meant by the term organic Botox?

    Dr. SB: Botox definitely has the ability to block wrinkle lines that are from muscle movement and in doing so helps to prevent permanent lines that make some of us look older.

    Some clients report improved mood and less headaches from Botox treatments and it is exciting to see what future research will tell us on this subject.

    SH: Who would you like to help the most with the BaseLift procedure?

    Dr. SB: The typical weight loss person who has a hollowed appearing face and sagging skin is a great candidate for Baselift.  Basically, the excessive weight loss is a sudden and dramatic representation of what happens slowly and naturally to our face with time.


    The nice thing is that BaseLift truly replicates the supportive tissue that has been lost and restores the shape of the face without changing the position of the tissues and looking fake.

    The best way to think about facial aging is to approach it from a loss of foundation perspective, and not a loose skin perspective. Aside from a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, proper sleep etc), maintaining low estrogen levels, and lastly having a dedicated cosmetic medical injector to maintain the shape of the face.

    The best advice is to seek a provider who is dedicated full time solely to performing cosmetic injections.

    For more information on BaseLift and the services of Dr. Stephen Bracci, visit:

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