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  • Break Out of Blah… How to Get Some Zing In Your Wardrobe

    Go for the bling-bling and have fun with life! 

    Dear Sharon: Help, I look like so dreary and baggy.The problem is, I’m not the slimmest person in the world. But I’m not fat. I’m just average. I have a round butt and big boobs. So, to hide this because I don’t feel comfortable with it, I wear baggy, baggy, and dreary clothes that aren’t becoming to me. When I see other girls with their clothes being more attractive than mine, I go home and look in the mirror. Then, I think to myself, how can I have actually worn this stuff? What advice do you have? –Tedious Tendencies (Whiteford, Maryland)


    Dear Tedious Tendencies: Sweetie, if Jennifer Lopez hid her round butt and big boobs, we would never have heard of her! Thank Miss J.Lo for making it ok to be built like a brick house and be proud of it. Flaunt those womanly curves and get on with your fashion program…

    Accept the body you have and make the most of what you’ve got to feel great about yourself. Baggy clothes do no one any good. Once in a while, if you feel like cozying up at home in two tons of a security blanket, put on your favorite oversized sweatshirt and curl up in front of the TV (not with a gallon of Rocky Road either). But by all means, dress like you give a darn when you leave the house!

    I am not telling you to wear clothes that are tighter than Mariah Carey’s tank top, I’m suggesting that you wear clothes that fit! Clothing should act like a second layer to your flesh that emphasizes what you want to highlight and camouflages what you want to detract. But that won’t happen if you feel like an old rag.

    Go out and have some fun. Laugh. Frolic. Have a swell time. Think about how thrilling life could be the next day. Then, go shopping. If you are in less of a funk, you’ll clothing choices will be less tedious and more alive.

    No one is twisting your arm to carry a baggy potato sack to the dressing room. What you choose to buy is up to you. So, if you know that your clothes are dreary, why continue to buy that style? Obviously, you see what other girls are wearing and know that they look better. So, keep those thoughts of a more exciting wardrobe in your head the next time you shop.

    If there are physical changes that you want to improve upon, go out and do it. Don’t sulk about it. Woe is not you. If your weight really bothers you– workout, eat better. If it’s not that much of a concern, then stop lamenting and move forward.

    Feel good about who you are. No matter how fabulous your wardrobe is, it’s still just clothing. Gorgeous clothes and a dreary outlook, still make a dull person. Project an air of self-confidence and poise and what you’re wearing will suddenly look better. While you are at it, look at the total picture… wear your hair and makeup in a flattering manner. Start small, then go for the big changes. Most important– smile.

    -January 10, 2003

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