How To Empower Your Decisions By Asking Yourself This Very Powerful Question [Video]

How to empower your decisions- ask yourself this question

If you want to empower your decisions (and why wouldn’t you?) here’s How To Start Questioning And How To Find The Answers

The question is this; “What do you think?” So simple, right? It’s the the key to making your own decisions and really, really thinking about what you have to present to the world.

Watch how I break down how my team, clients, students, and I are using this this powerful question to boost self-leadership in the video below…

The Truth About Feedback…

When you’re looking for feedback to improve, you want to first ask yourself what YOU think. How can it be improved? What do you like about it? What message do YOU think you’re sending? By asking yourself this question you can train your eye to find exactly what needs to be done, and what’s working.

Not only with yourself, but with your team, your audience and whoever you’re looking for feedback from. You can eliminate some of the ‘back and forth’ nitpicking dialogue by coming up with your own solution because you’re taking the time to assess it yourself!

Boost Self-Leadership…

Rather than always having to defer to someone else’s opinion right from the start you have the opportunity to think for yourself first with a question in mind AND an answer to that question. In your own business you could even get to a point where, by training your mind with this question, you can be confident in your own decisions.

Take the time to give yourself the chance to have an answer and look over what you’re presenting. That way, you have a more well thought out question and answer to work with.

Empower How You Show Up…

My new challenge, the Authentic Superstar Challenge, will teach you the ability as to how you show up online.  One important factor in this is assessing your own work yourself! Do YOU think you’re coming across the right way in photos? That you’re sending the visual message you want to think? That you’re attracting your ideal audience?

Once you know what you think, what the deeper assessment is, you can discuss more in depth with your team, yourself and your coaches to intricately pinpoint the issues and fix them up yourself.

In the climate of your business as it is right now, people are relating to real people because they smell a fake and they smell a phony. You need to come in now and learn how to position yourself in the most authentic way so that you can tell your story the right way and get yourself out there.

But that starts with knowing what visual message you want to send and HOW to send it! That takes assessment, that takes questioning and experimentation. Let me teach you the skills to master your own look and positioning. Go over to, the challenge is free (for now!).

More On Self- Empowerment…

(Actually, I am so much about self-empowerment to make your best and most authentic decisions in everything you do, that you can scroll anywhere on FocusOnStyle.)

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