How To Reach Your Goals- Bit By Bit [LIVE Videos]

Reach Your Goals Bit By Bit

If you want to know how to reach your goals,  it’s critical to take the appropriate steps to get there.

Howdy, from Jackson Hole Wyoming!  I’m here on vacation so you wonder why I’m “working”?

Well, I had my first day of the cross country ski season and with 40 MPH winds my otherwise slow start got derailed to an even slower start.

No worries for me!

Reaching your goals (of any kind) is not an overnight affair, it takes studied action, perseverance, and a plan.

I cut THREE lives for you yesterday!

All bounced off the theme of my cross country skiing so you see how mastery comes in little bits.

I’ve gathered all the lives on this blog post for your convenience.

Watch all three below…

Live Video 1) One Step At A Time…

Encouragement to have you reach your goals and still be true to yourself.

I’m making an effort to go live as much as I can so you can comment in real time. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram (and don’t forget to turn your notices on). Of course you can comment on the replays! Click a Like, add a comment, let me know you saw them.

On my way to apres ski and a little tour of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort…

Live Video 2) The easiest way to beat overwhelm is bit by bit.

Apres ski at The Four Seasons.

Live Video 3) How to just be yourself even if your kid would rather not be involved.

No shenanigans. Just the end of a family vacation day and some biz wisdom too!

You see all those people having their family as willing participants in their lives. Not mine.

Video Transcription

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– Hello, hello, hello.

It’s me, Sharon Haver here
to help you get out there

when you realize that you’re
expertise is not enough

to stand out in a crowded market.

So, today’s a funny day.

I’m in my place in Jackson
hence, a little western-y, right?

We’re very western here.

So, I just came back.

I have a call in about eight minutes

so I’m gonna try to make this super fast,

but what I wanted to tell
you is I just came back

from my first cross country
Nordic run of the season.

We’re only here a couple of days

and we had errands to do this morning.

I went out and the weather is gorgeous.

It’s not too cold and
the snow is coming down,

which is not a good
thing for cross country

and it was also super,
super, super, super windy

that guy at the place said that

it was about 40 miles an hour earlier.

So, had to peter it down,

but it wasn’t a lot of
visibility out there.

You could only go a little bit

and it’s one step at a time.

It was actually kind of perfect for me

because today was my first day out.

I didn’t wanna tucker myself out.

I already did some Pilates
and it was a good little bit

to get out there even though
when the wind died down

it was just like, oh my God, so gorgeous,

but when the wind wasn’t dying
it was like pshh, snow storm.

So, the same thing
relates to your business.

When you’re trying something new.

When you want to get something different.

When you want to get out there

and you’re being even nervous about

doing a Facebook live like
this or even doing your photos

and your headshots and you’re
really feeling kind of,

oh, sensitive and overly critical

about how you’re connecting
with your audience,

the best way of doing it is
learn all the skills you can,

but also go out there one step at a time.

Just like I did today on
my first cross country run.

Just one step at a time.

I was only out for 20 minutes,

but it was very vigorous 20 minutes

so I did as much as I can to come back,

to be able to come in now and talk to you

and to be ready for my call,
but, it’s the same thing.

Like when you’re trying to
learn how to do your photos.

If you’re using your camera,
which mine’s around me.

Is it around me?


I’ve gotta slide.

So, let’s say you wanna learn
how to do your headshots

and you’re really not
sure about how to do it.

You’ve got your camera, right?

And all you’ve gotta do is…

I’m gonna put it on camera.

Is turn it around.

Make sure you have the light.

The light’s coming at me this way

and then if you wanna do something,

what I think is a really good trick,

when you’re doing these
lives, the thumbnail

that Facebook finds is really
kinda weird and creepy,

so I always like to do one either

on my webcam on my computer, which is also

really awesome for photos,
or right like this.

So, hold it in the same
place your computer is

and take your pictures.

One step at a time.

Learn it.

And then you can these photos,
you can also repurpose them

on your IG stories, on
your Facebook stories.

You can repurpose them
on you Instagram feed.

You can repurpose them
on your Facebook feed,

always have that good thumbnail.

So, learning the basics of
having to take your own photos

not only makes you feel
more confident in front

of the camera, but it
also helps you relate

to your tribe in the most authentic way

because they’re getting to see you.

So, I hope that helps
and if you want more.

If you really want more to learn how

to get into your best self, to stand out

and become an authentic
superstar, I invite you

to go over to right now.

It’s my free challenge
that’s coming up really soon.

It’s only gonna be free
for a really sort time,

so, I encourage you to
get in there right now.


You can come in as an early bird

and I’ll teach you how
to position yourself,

how to brand yourself, how
to take your own photos

and how to be seen so that you can be able

to attract your ideal audience

and scale the audience you have

just by being the best at being you.

So, sounds good.

Lemme show you something here in my house.

So, if you wanna see.

I feel like you’d like to see my mantle.

That’s my moose.

See, we love wildlife out here,

but we like to keep ’em alive so oh,

we have lots of pictures of
horse and of elk and of moose

and there’s a big horn around
and all sorts of stuff,

but none of them were ever breathing.

[laughs] That’s my policy out here.

I like animals around here.

It’s very western, it’s very rustic,

but none of my folks were ever breathing.

So, anyway, that’s it.

I hope to see you guys soon
and I’m gonna for my meeting

So, don’t worry.

You’ll teach you everything you need.

Just go over to

Take care.

And if you found this enjoyable,
share it with a friend.

The more the merrier, okay guys?

And leave a comment and
let me know where you’re at

and what you’re struggles are

and what you’re taking
your baby steps at doing,

whether your first day out
at cross country skiing,

learning how to swim, learning
how to create a funnel,

learning how to take your own photos,

learning how to be confident on camera.

Let me know what your first
baby step is today, okay?

I’ll see you guys soon.




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