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  • How To Reach Your Goals- Bit By Bit [LIVE Videos]

    Reach Your Goals Bit By Bit

    If you want to know how to reach your goals,  it’s critical to take the appropriate steps to get there.

    Howdy, from Jackson Hole Wyoming!  I’m here on vacation so you wonder why I’m “working”?

    Well, I had my first day of the cross country ski season and with 40 MPH winds my otherwise slow start got derailed to an even slower start.

    No worries for me!

    Reaching your goals (of any kind) is not an overnight affair, it takes studied action, perseverance, and a plan.

    I cut THREE lives for you yesterday!

    All bounced off the theme of my cross country skiing so you see how mastery comes in little bits.

    I’ve gathered all the lives on this blog post for your convenience.

    Watch all three below…

    Live Video 1) One Step At A Time…

    Encouragement to have you reach your goals and still be true to yourself.

    I’m making an effort to go live as much as I can so you can comment in real time. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram (and don’t forget to turn your notices on). Of course you can comment on the replays! Click a Like, add a comment, let me know you saw them.

    On my way to apres ski and a little tour of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort…

    Live Video 2) The easiest way to beat overwhelm is bit by bit.

    Apres ski at The Four Seasons.

    Live Video 3) How to just be yourself even if your kid would rather not be involved.

    No shenanigans. Just the end of a family vacation day and some biz wisdom too!

    You see all those people having their family as willing participants in their lives. Not mine.

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