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  • Productivity Tip: How to get back on track when the day gets away from you

    how to get back on track

    As entrepreneurs, small business owners or coaches, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and lose site of how to get back on track when things that you didn’t plan on get in your way.

    Don’t worry. It happenes to the best of us.

    That’s why I did this Facebook Live video to share how I get back on track so I can be productive when the unexpected gets in my way…

    Live from my hotel deck…

    Here’s how I get back on track when my day goes to shizzle…

    • Find the ONE thing that only you can do.
    • Rather then deal with all the marbles let out of the bag, focus on whatever only you can do to connect with your clients and tribe that no one else on your team can do, like this impromptu live video so you can get back in the groove.
    • Set aside a reasonable block of time that you can actually complete something.
    • Then find the ONE task that you can actually not only make progress on but complete in that set of hours so you feel accomplished.

    Bonus Tip:

    • When you’re doing live video, recorded video, photos for social media or your headshot, understand the importance of composition. Place yourself in a way that you are the focal point of the shot and that the background doesn’t distract and complements you.  Watch for an example in this live video. If you need more tips on showing up, grab your free copy of

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