Be A Star With Your Authentic Personal Brand

Build a Personal Brand That Authetically Aligns With You

What is Your Personal Brand?

When you hear about personal brand, what do you think about?

No, it is not just about brands and products you buy. But it is about the AUTHENTIC YOU!

This is How You Should Build Your Own Authentic Personal Brand…

Let Your Personal Brand Shines Through…

Personal Brand is what speaks for you when you don’t have a chance to say a word. This is so true, especially in this social media era.

People used to say that a picture worth a thousand words. But now, a picture can worth a thousand dollars! Or, likes! Or, subscribers! But, only if you know how to let your authentic personal brand shine through your pictures.

Your personal brand should be something STRONG. Something that BEST REPRESENT your personality.

A strong authentic personal brand is like having money in the bank!

Make Yourself Stands Out in The Crowd…

Everybody is different. But when everybody starts to market themselves, it can be pretty CROWDED, isn’t it?

So, instead of blending in, why don’t you STAND APART in the crowd?

Why try to follow the trend when you can be authentic?

Let’s start by asking questions to find out WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE: What turns you on? What really excites you in life and in business? And, most importantly, what makes you SPECIAL?

Don’t Lose Yourself…

Finding your authentic personal brand is to find something that is UNIQUELY YOU.

Because YOU are your biggest asset!

If you got lost, don’t worry. You can always take a look around to find other brands to model.

You SHOULD NOT COPY them. Instead, mix it with your authentic style. So you can make it YOURS.

Learn How to Unleash Your Star Power…

Join the Authentic Superstar Challenge! And I will show you how to stand apart in a crowded market in a SNAP or a PHOTO:

Video Transcription

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What is a personal brand?

A lot of people want to know.

They think that, you know,
to be a brand you have

to be something big like
Coke and Pepsi, right?

But a personal brand
is a couple of things:

A personal brand is the visual image

of what you are,

who you represent before
people get to know you.

The personal brand is
what people say about you

when you leave the room.

The personal brand is what speaks for you

when you don’t have a chance to say a word

because you didn’t get
that tenth of a second.

It takes one-tenth of one
second for someone to decide

what they think about you when
they see your photo online.

So if you have a personal brand

that’s strong,

if you have a personal
brand that’s authentic,

if you have a personal brand

that best represents your personality,

than people are gonna know what that is.

People are gonna buy into that

as who you are and what

you represent

and that

is like





So when you’re struggling,
right now I’m struggling,

I want to show you that sunset.

But I also want the light
on me so I’m gonna try

and get over here where there’s a light.

So if you’re struggling with
what a personal brand is,

than you really need
someone to go out there

and help you build it.

You might want to take
another look, a second look,

at who you are

and what you like

and what turns you on

and what really excites you
in life and in business.

‘Cause if you see what excites
you in life and business,

what makes you stand out and be special

that will really help set
your brand apart because

[tongue click]
Had to get that in.

[laughing] Because that’s who you are.

If you’re going to go through something

that’s really stiff and really static,

you’re gonna lose a lot of yourself.

And in the process of
losing a lot of yourself,

you’re losing a tremendous
amount of your brand.

So you want to be able to
find out what makes you tick,

zone in on what it is, really
get in touch with who you are,

find other brands that you resonate with.

See what it is in that, that
you can model into yourself,

not copy, but model
because the whole point

of being successful in this
day and age is knowing how

to be authentic, knowing
how to stand apart in

a crowded market so
people know who you are.

They see who you are and they’re just

never confused on what you’re not.

So if you need some help in
building your star power,

if you need some help in learning how

to get your own best photo so you

stand out in a crowded market,

I urge you to go join me

over at


and I will show you

how you can stand out in a crowded market,

how you can be able to develop your look,

your brand, in a snap

or a photo


it’s totally free right now.

So what’s holding you back?

And what turns you on in a business,

in a brand, let me know.

The authentic superstar photo challenge

with me, Sharon Haver.

See you there!


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