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  • How To Be A Badass In Your Business [Video]

    how to be a badass in your business

    Breaking News: Being A Badass Is For Business Babes Too!

    Yeah, So How Does Being A ‘Badass’ Apply To Your Business?

    Honestly, I didn’t like the term at first.

    ‘Badassery’ didn’t seem to apply to me at all. But then I realized – it’s not just about riding a motorcycle and getting the tattoos. Badassery means something totally different in your business.

    Go out and take chances. In today’s market you’ve gotta be authentic, real, consistent, on brand and on point in your message. You need to create that magnetic kind of bond with your audience.

    It’s All About Risk-Taking. Here’s The Breakdown:


    How Does Being A ‘Badass’ Apply To Your Business?

    It’s not just about riding a motorcycle and getting the tattoos.

    Badassery means something totally different in your business.

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    Posted by Sharon Haver – on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    Let Go Of The Ordinary…

    The moment you step INTO being staged, phony or dated you lose out on another connection. Don’t stick with what used to work – you need to be a risk taker, grab at those new chance- be a badass.

    Today’s market is totally different so your methods have to be different too! The more you hold back, and hold onto all those old tactics the further behind you’ll get.

    You can do it. Be a little bit of a badass. Be someone who’s READY to go out there and confidently show up as your business and brand in whatever you do.

    Know The Market…

    There are tons of marketing tools out there, and they’re great! BUT in today’s market, your visual image is the gateway for your audience to want your expertise. Authentic visual storytelling is paramount and imperative to really have a brand that speaks out!

    Get ready to go out there in your most authentic way – no more being stuck, no more losing confidence. Stand tall, stand proud! Be your own personal kind of badass in your expertise.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    It’s your time to take it to the next level and adding that authenticity to your visual message.  I’ll give you the tools to show up in your photos and take that step into badassery! Join me at!

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    Hello, hello, hello from
    my cross country track.

    Can you see the mountains behind it?

    Maybe I should stand this way.

    I was gonna, you know [mumbles]
    it seem to have been a lot
    of moose out last night,

    you see all the tracks?

    See all the tracks?

    Those are critter tracks,
    probably moose tracks.

    So, anyway, I’ve just been out for a run.

    I don’t even know if this
    is the smartest thing to do

    right now because I’m so
    cold I can barely talk,

    I probably have snot
    dripping out of my nose,

    but if I do, excuse me
    and if I don’t well,

    maybe it makes sense for today’s topic

    and that is bad assery.

    Now it’s not a word that is
    my favorite words these days,

    I kind of think it’s kind
    of overused like diva

    is another word that drives
    me up the wall these days

    and badass ’cause I kind of
    am old school in that stuff

    and to me a diva was either
    a royal pain in the butt

    or a fabulous drag queen.

    So, either one way or the other,

    but today diva kind of
    means something else.

    And to me badass meant
    like one of my punk friends

    or someone who was like
    in a motorcycle gang

    but right now we have
    our own different badass

    and it kind of just means
    more about taking chances.

    So, since I’m wearing
    my skull scarf today,

    I thought it would be a good
    idea to talk about badassery

    and how it relates to you in showing up

    and standing out in your business.

    If you want some more tips
    about how to stand out

    in today’s very crowded market

    where you know your
    expertise is not enough,

    I encourage you to go over

    and join me over there, you’ll
    see and you can learn more

    at Authentic Superstar
    and won’t cost you a dime

    but will get you loads ahead.

    But anyway, back to what
    badassery means in your business

    what I’m gonna do now
    is, I got my ski poles,

    I’m going to try to
    hold this on my ski pole

    so my arm doesn’t hurt as much,

    to try to get you a Teton behind me, here.

    Now, I’m going to be in
    the most twisted position

    but I got you some good
    mountain view, right.

    So, anyway what does badass
    mean to you in your business,

    in your own terms, not
    necessarily like I said before

    like the old punk, motorcycle
    gang, kind of badass

    but just go on out and taking chances

    because you know right
    now in today’s market

    you gotta be authentic, you gotta be real,

    you gotta be consistent
    and on brand and on point

    in your message to create
    that magnetic kind of bond

    with your audience and
    the more you step back

    in something that’s very
    staged or very phony

    or very dated, you’re losing
    out on just another connection.

    So, it’s kind of like you’re
    sticking to what worked for you

    maybe two years ago or five years ago

    and you’re trying to
    use it in today’s market

    is not gonna work and the
    more you hold back on it,

    the more you stick to it and
    the more you never give up

    on it is the further further
    back you’re gonna get.

    So, you gotta learn to be
    a little bit of a badass

    or a risk taker or just
    someone who’s ready

    to go out there and confidently show up

    as your business, as your
    brand in whatever you do.

    Particularly, particularly with
    your visual image right now.

    An authentic visual story telling is just,

    it’s paramount, it’s
    imperative to really have

    a brand that speaks out.

    So, all that other marketing
    stuff is fantastic,

    it’s just great, I’m not giving up on it.

    And my degree’s actually in marketing

    and I’ve been in this world
    for a long, long time,

    but taking it to the next level

    and really adding authenticity
    to it in what is now,

    I was a writer, I had a syndicated column

    that went out to 400 papers.

    I still write posts and focus on style

    and what happens is my
    writing, as much as I love it,

    is actually taking a second
    seat to what people see first

    and that is in the one tenth of a second

    that people judge you
    online when they see you.

    So, soon as they see a photo of you,

    they’re gonna decide if
    they’re gonna ready the copy.

    Right, so you want to make
    sure that your photos,

    that your videos are all on brand,

    on top of what you’re
    trying to do, relevant,

    and that you’re ready to go out there

    in your most authentic
    way and you’re not stuck

    and you’re not confident
    and looking unassured

    and asking all these questions,
    can I do this, can I do…

    You’re just, whatever you’re
    saying, you’re standing tall,

    you’re standing proud
    and you’re being your own

    personal kind of badass.

    So, anyway I hope this helps
    and I’m going to go back in,

    I gotta ski back, we’re
    meeting my family in a bit

    and then we’re meeting some friends

    and we’re going to one
    of our favorite spots

    on the top of the mountain.

    So, I’ll try to come
    in from there if I can.

    If there’s still light
    out I will definitely

    come in from there.

    So, anyway, I encourage you to go over

    join me over there,

    please right now, everything
    you need

    and also to turn on your notifications

    if you find this interesting

    so you know the next time
    I’m gonna go on live, right?

    And if you find this interesting,

    share it with a friend too.

    So, I hope you enjoy this as
    much as I enjoy making them

    for you, taking your on my little journey,

    isn’t that pretty?

    It’s the back end of the
    Grand Teton Mountains.

    So, anyway, hope that helps you guys.

    See you soon, let me see if
    I can end with the mountain.

    Okay, take care, bye bye.


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