How To Empower Your Decisions [Video]

Empower Your Decisions With A Simple Tweak…

If you want to lean how to empower your personal leadership to get what you want, I’ve got something ridiculously easy for your to put into practice.

It’s so easy to slack on personal leadership and defer to the opinion of others without even realizing it.

But what if you asked yourself this ONE empowering decision the next time your’e not sure?

Watch the video to learn more…

It’s a total shift in empowering yourself…

I’ve been using this shift with clients and students, with my team, and actually subconsciously been using it myself for years.

Try this game changer!

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Video Transcription

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Hello, hello, hello.

Hello from my place out west.

I wanted to come in today with a question,

that I’m gonna start using with my team

and that I use with clients and
I use with students as well,

and it’s something that
I really invite you

to use with yourself.

And it really is simply
asking the question,

what do you think?

So I was listening to some podcasts,

and this was a methodology
they were using,

and I’m interpreting it into
my own different way as well,

which you should with any
methodology you learn.

You should never do anything by the book.

You should always learn to
put your own personal spin

to what works for you and in your life.

So by asking yourself, what do you think,

it eliminates a lot of these
back and forth questions,

as leadership and team building,

as far as own personal leadership as well.

So rather than always having to defer

to someone else’s opinion,
it gives you the ability

to come right in and to think for yourself

with an answer of, what do you think?

Okay what do I think?

I think, and I’m gonna
give myself the chance

to look for that and have an
answer before I go out there.

So then when I talk to someone,

and I say hey I have a question,

and my response or your response could be,

what do you think?

That other person would actually
come with some information,

based on life experience, research,

Mr. Google, whatever it is.

So it empowers you more into
your own personal thinking,

as well as it saves a lot
of back-and-forth questions.

Now something like that

isn’t what I really help my students,

especially in the new challenge
that’s coming up soon,

the Authentic SuperStar Challenge,

which you can go get on right
now at,

and that’s really the ability
to learn how to show up.

That’s something, how you show up.

And a lot of people ask me,

I have this photo what
do you think about it?

What do you think about this stuff?

My opinion is great,
but what do you think?

What do you think?

Do you think that you’re coming across

in the right way in your photos?

Do you think that you’re coming

across confidently on camera?

Do you think that your
authentic visual storytelling

is telling the story that
you want people to hear,

to know about you?

So if you can come back and say,

well I think it looks great,

or I don’t really feel
like it looks like me,

or I don’t think it’s this,

then the other person
can come back and say,

well okay, if you think it’s
great, cool, coolio, right?

If you think you need some help,

I can help you with something

like the Authentic
SuperStar Challenge, right?

is where you have to go,

and I can give you five
days of working with me.

And right now, as I’m
recording this, it’s free.

It won’t be forever, so I
suggest you go there right now,

and you’ll be able to learn
how to position yourself,

how to setup your own photos,
how to stage your own set,

how to be in touch with your own brand,

how to model your brand

after all the big celebrities out there

who are now in this moment being real.

And if you look at your social media

and you look at Instagram or Facebook,

you’ll start seeing, if you
follow pretty major celebrities

or big thought leaders, they’re
being totally authentic.

What was going on a few years ago

of people being more staged and phony,

and the woman running along the beach

in her ballgown, kind of, fantasy,

that doesn’t connect anymore.

That’s not what’s in
the zeitgeist right now.

What’s happening is,

in the climate of your
business as it is right now,

people are relating to real people,

because they smell a fake.

They smell a phony.

You see behind me, we have Mr. Poodle.

I could see him walking.

So what happens is you
really need to come in now

and learn how to just position yourself,

in the most authentic way,

so that you could get
your message out there.

That you could be telling
your story the right way.

That you are positioning yourself,

which is the new currency.

There’s no doubt about it,
positioning is the new currency.

So like meets like.

You ever hear that saying

about birds of a feather flock together?

Well it’s the same thing

in all these photos and your videos,

because people flock to
people who are like them

and slightly aspirational to them.

So if you wanna come
across looking insecure

and not really knowing what
you’re doing on camera,

you’re gonna get more
people, that are insecure

and not really knowing
on camera, to follow you.

But if you’re confident in how
you’re setting yourself up,

and you’ve mastered the look

and the meaning of how
you are and the setting,

then you got gold right there

in them there hills, right? (laughs)

So if you wanna learn more how to do that,

of course, go over to

But you know, even something as simple,

right now, as the set and setting.

I’m wearing a silk blouse now,

and I’m in my house in Wyoming,

and you can see over my shoulder that way,

you’ve got my pictures

of black and white old movie star westerns

and snow photos of old cowboys
and country western people,

and my fireplace over there.

So I am in my western thing.

I am wearing silk.

So that’s in an aspirational
way a little more up-level

than what most people assume,

but this is also my vacation house.

So if you think about set and setting,

it puts that up there as well.

So you need to just be
a little more cognizant

of how you position yourself.

How not only you’re
positioning yourself this way,

but how you also positioning
yourself within the camera,

within the range, how your
body language is in the camera,

that you’re not doing anything fancy.

It’s actually better
when you’re doing things,

right now, on your
phone or on your webcam.

And if your taking photos,

I can’t give you my phone
because I’m on it (laughs).

But if you’re taking photos,
just learning how to,

make believe this is a phone.

(Sharon giggles)

How to set yourself up
without feeling like a lunatic

and being natural in
photos that you can use

as the thumbnails for your
lives and your videos,

that you can use for your Instagram.

You can use for your Facebook.

I use my own photos that I made myself

for the cover of my book.

So you can use it for print as well,

and it’s a much more real,

concise way of putting yourself together.

So again, if you’re not sure,

just ask yourself what do you think?

What do I think about this?

And then if you think that you’re

having the authentic visual
storytelling the right way,

if you think you’re positioning
yourself for success,

if you think you’re being seen

as the kind of person you wanna be seen,

if you think you’re
attracting the kind of clients

that you could scale up with
an broaden your audience.

Because they’ll start relating to you

in a much more real, normal matter,

because it is authentic and
it’s not phony and staged.

Well when you got all
those answers together,

that’s great, that’s groovy.

And if you need more help,

hey go over to

I’m starting the challenge really soon,

and I hope to see you there.

It’s free for the moment,

And do me a favor, if
you find value in this,

share it with a friend.

And if you wanna know when I go live,

’cause I’ve been going live at night,

follow me on my feed and
hit the notifications button

to turn that on.

So see you soon, and see you
over at

(kiss blowing) Buh-bye.


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