Behind The Scenes On A PhotoShoot You Can Do On Your Own [Video]

Lights, Camera… now what?

You don’t need all that stuff but there is nothing wrong with tszujing up the equipment on occasion. It’s important to remember though that you are the main attraction, not any of the extra fancy things around you. Having a good background is definitely important for looking aspirational, but that doesn’t mean you need to think so hard about it that you can’t focus on your message.

Fancy equipment can be fun! It can make videos look really nice. It goes back to my 80/20 rule, see post here, about using the upscale things 20% of the time but the other 80% being as natural as possible in your video and photo production.

KNOW your equipment and your platform. Some lighting looks good on phone cameras and some really, really doesn’t. And, on occasion, if you have a nicer camera, maybe you need some nicer lighting to bring out the details.

WATCH to see behind the scenes…

This video was originally shot as a Facebook live, and you can see that the lighting doesn’t look as good as it does in the completed video. It is vital to your business to understand the tools you have at hand, and decide what works best for your needs

Using natural lighting is 100% recommended when you can. Find the golden hour of the day in your area, and in every spot you film, try to film then and use the natural light to your advantage. Light is beautiful out in the world! But sometimes it isn’t always available, which is when the equipment comes in.

Stay visually on message, look like your best aspirational self, have a brand message and be aware of what works best for you. Your style is your fingerprint. It’s not just what you wear, it’s how you present yourself, it’s your knowledge, it’s the whole package. It sets you apart from the crowd and above the ordinary. Your style shows you can be a leader and positions you in a way that people want to listen to what you have to say.

People will buy into you if you are you’re your most authentic self and if you can turn your expertise into a way to help others with exactly what you know!

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