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  • Fashion Rules? Think Again, It’s Not The One Thing To Wear On Camera [Video]

    fashion rules

    If someone asked what was one of my most frequently asked questions about style and fashion rules, this would be it!

    I know this is a conundrum for so many business women who feel out of touch and confused about what to wear, especially in today’s very visual world, but…

    When it comes to wardrobe, there isn’t one rule for everyone.

     It all comes down to aligning yourself with your brand, and your personal aesthetic. That includes what you wear!

    Sure, there are some fashion ‘rules’ that a lot of people have followed over the years, but those don’t have anything to do with what you wear when you’re representing your brand. That has everything to do with YOU and what is most authentically yours.

    Watch, I’ll explain…

    What To Wear On Camera For Photos and Videos…

    When you start doing your own photos and videos you have to make sure you’re comfortable and confident, or else they won’t come across well. The best way to do that, when it comes to clothing and style, is to make sure you are yourself! Don’t worry about what others are wearing, that doesn’t matter. You do you, from head to toe.

    But that doesn’t mean you should just wear your sweatpants and baggy sweater (unless that’s a part of your business, then by all means.) But try to be unified and aligned with your brand colors and your website. That DOESN’T mean you have to be matchy-matchy, but you DO want to compliment the colors!

    It’s not that difficult to align your style with your website and your brand.

    You just have to realize WHAT that is. Study what colors and styles you’re attracted to and you’ll realize that everything you do is already starting to line up because you are focusing on things that you like!

    What your wearing should align with your business niche, too. So if you’re a fitness instructor then go ahead and wear those yoga pants and tanks! If you’re not, put those away. Be comfortable and relevant in your clothing.

    My Fashion Advice…

    I recommend wearing cool, modern classics that won’t spoil and go out of style. Wearing things that are a little more tailored (especially for ‘talking head’ videos) will comes across better up close.

    If you’re moving and walking around in your video, feel free to loosen up the fabrics a little bit as long as it’s still authentic to you.

    Find your shade palette. Wear something that won’t WEAR YOU! You should be the focus on attention, not a crazy outfit! Do a little research (find my Iconic Moments video to learn how) and start from there. It all comes back to being your most authentic self!

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