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  • Fashion Rules? Think Again, It’s Not The One Thing To Wear On Camera [Video]

    fashion rules

    If someone asked what was one of my most frequently asked questions about style and fashion rules, this would be it!

    I know this is a conundrum for so many business women who feel out of touch and confused about what to wear, especially in today’s very visual world, but…

    When it comes to wardrobe, there isn’t one rule for everyone.

     It all comes down to aligning yourself with your brand, and your personal aesthetic. That includes what you wear!

    Sure, there are some fashion ‘rules’ that a lot of people have followed over the years, but those don’t have anything to do with what you wear when you’re representing your brand. That has everything to do with YOU and what is most authentically yours.

    Watch, I’ll explain…

    What To Wear On Camera For Photos and Videos…

    When you start doing your own photos and videos you have to make sure you’re comfortable and confident, or else they won’t come across well. The best way to do that, when it comes to clothing and style, is to make sure you are yourself! Don’t worry about what others are wearing, that doesn’t matter. You do you, from head to toe.

    But that doesn’t mean you should just wear your sweatpants and baggy sweater (unless that’s a part of your business, then by all means.) But try to be unified and aligned with your brand colors and your website. That DOESN’T mean you have to be matchy-matchy, but you DO want to compliment the colors!

    It’s not that difficult to align your style with your website and your brand.

    You just have to realize WHAT that is. Study what colors and styles you’re attracted to and you’ll realize that everything you do is already starting to line up because you are focusing on things that you like!

    What your wearing should align with your business niche, too. So if you’re a fitness instructor then go ahead and wear those yoga pants and tanks! If you’re not, put those away. Be comfortable and relevant in your clothing.

    My Fashion Advice…

    I recommend wearing cool, modern classics that won’t spoil and go out of style. Wearing things that are a little more tailored (especially for ‘talking head’ videos) will comes across better up close.

    If you’re moving and walking around in your video, feel free to loosen up the fabrics a little bit as long as it’s still authentic to you.

    Find your shade palette. Wear something that won’t WEAR YOU! You should be the focus on attention, not a crazy outfit! Do a little research (find my Iconic Moments video to learn how) and start from there. It all comes back to being your most authentic self!

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    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    – A lot of businesswomen come to me,

    and they know that I was
    a stylist on photo shoots

    for 15 years, and it’s always
    like, well what color shoe

    do I wear with that outfit,
    what color top do I wanna wear,

    what kinda this, and what
    someone who’s not really

    that attuned to their
    style is thinks it’s always

    the one thing, like if
    I’m wearing a black dress,

    do I wear red shoes, and
    it’s like, I don’t know,

    what’s the dress look like?

    What’s the hemline look like,
    what do the shoes look like?

    So, they don’t understand the big picture,

    and what happens is when you
    get higher, higher, higher,

    and you start doing your
    own photos, where you’re

    on head-shots or even just
    like a talking head-video,

    what happens is the
    same questions are like

    what color do I wear?

    What do I wear, what do
    I do, and the thing is

    you need to wear things that
    are most authentic to you

    so you’ll feel comfortable,
    but what you’re wearing

    also needs to work with the
    color and the composition

    of what’s around you, in a
    setting of where you are.

    If you’re putting it on your
    website, what you’re wearing

    should go to the colors of your website,

    not like you’re some matchy-matchy freak

    and your website’s blue and green

    and you only wear blue and green,

    but it should compliment it in a way

    that it all looks unified and aligns,

    and that actually is not so difficult

    because if you start doing

    what I like to call Iconic
    Moments, and look for

    what stays in your mind?

    What colors are you attracted to?

    What styles are you attracted to?

    Through time, your Iconic Moments,

    you’ll find a thread
    in there of your style,

    of what you like in everything you do,

    so what you might like in your clothing

    is gonna be no different than the colors

    you’ll choose for your website,

    or the fonts of your site
    might have a certain shape

    and a certain style,
    you’ll find that even,

    let’s say you like very rounded
    Serif fonts on your site,

    and you find that when it
    comes to your clothing you like

    the very feminine, rounded, billowy looks.

    There’s always like a
    thread that comes together.

    So, if you start looking at
    it, and your Iconic Moments,

    you’ll be finding a way of doing that,

    but when it comes to what
    you’re actually wearing,

    when someone’s looking at
    you in such a tight fashion,

    they’re kind of immediately deciding

    if you’re relevant or not, and if you look

    a little uncomfortable, or self
    conscious in your clothing,

    your clothes look out of
    style, or way too trendy

    so they spoil within a season or two,

    the person’s gonna think that about you.

    So when you’re doing photos like this,

    sure, if it’s like a throwaway shot,

    and you wanna wear somethin’
    cool and crazy and trendy,

    hey, go for it, but if
    you’re wearing something

    that you wanna stick
    with for a little while,

    kinda cool, modern,
    classics always work best

    for a few reasons.

    One is they won’t spoil, they won’t have

    an expiration date on it,
    and the other thing is

    if you’re gonna be repeating
    videos or repeating things,

    they won’t be so glaring and so out there

    that people will see
    your clothes before you,

    and the other thing is that
    when things are more tailored,

    they actually look better in
    a close situation like that.

    So, I like to wear a lot
    of big, oversized sweaters

    in real life, I love wearing that,

    but when I’m doing photos, unless I could

    play with the collar a little
    bit, or do something with it,

    they can look very bulky, and just like

    doing the video like this,
    you’re wearing a big,

    oversized sweater would
    make me look massive,

    but if I was standing and
    walking and playing with it,

    it wouldn’t, so the camera
    does add weight to you,

    but it also, if you don’t
    have a stylist on-set

    making sure what you’re
    wearing is moving the wrong way

    or doing the wrong things,
    you’re really better off

    wearing things that are more
    streamlined and classic,

    and in a shade of palette that,

    I’ve always preferred blacks
    and navys and neutrals.

    I think they’re just much more chic,

    but wearing something that won’t wear you,

    that will compliment your
    website, your brand colors,

    and make you feel good about yourself.

    Thanks for watching, I hope
    you enjoy watching this

    as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

    In case you’re new to me, I’m Sharon Haver

    and I help entrepreneurs who realize

    that their expertise is
    not enough to stand out

    in a crowded market.

    Everything from your
    branding, to your style,

    to your photos, your videos,
    it all comes together.

    I’m the founder of

    since 1999, and I never
    thought I was tech-y.

    That’s a long time online,
    so anyway, if I can do it,

    you can do it, I’m all
    about sharing and helping,

    and if you find value in this,

    hey, please share it with a friend.

    See you next time.


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