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  • The Secret to Pro Selfies: One Amazing, Simple Tool You’re Not Using! [Video]


    I’ve got the secret to pro selfies that you can use to build your business (like me).

    Even if you’re scared of having your picture taken or think a selfie is too “young.” 

    We know that it literally takes ONE TENTH of a second for someone to judge you based on your photo online.

    So of course you’re skittish. Especially for business.

    Yet if you ignore this, you will be killing your chance to be a PERSONALITY BRAND…

    And that is what is magnetic to attract the right tribe.

    Watch How To Make Selfies Work FOR You…

    Don’t Be A Dork…

    Selfies can be hard to make look professional and not silly or dorky.

    You’re nervous you’ll come across looking ridiculous…You think that selfies are just for dopey teens – they aren’t!

    Personality Zapper…

    Don’t get buried under corporate branding shoots just because you’re so scared of taking your own picture. People relate to real people – one on one – so you can’t hide behind someone else’s (your brand photographers) work!

    This celebrity realty trend is bleeding into business.

    You have the advantage over those who are scared to take a selfie. Selfies are fun! And your clients, your tribe, will like seeing you and who you really are.

    Rise Above The Market…

    Your authentic visual message is what people want to buy into. They want you to be aspirational – not fake, but they want to see someone they can look up to who is living their best life. You have to show what that life is, in an honest way! This means you have to get comfortable taking photos wherever you are in life – because you can’t just have your own personal paparazzi follow you around all the time. Can you imagine the bills!?

    Get into your city, your space, your niche and show us what that is. Your photos come out looking the best when you are in a happy place, a place that you are confident in.

    But You Need This First…

    It is hard to get that confidence by yourself, though, at first. You need to know how to position yourself in order to come across they way you want to. I learned how, let me give you my secrets and then use them!

    Your photos need to be intentional. Show that you understand how to set yourself up with a purpose and people will look up to you. You need to create the right visual message in order to attract that crowd you want! Like attracts like!

    Take The Leap Here…

    It’s your time to follow the leads of celebrities and thought leaders by becoming an Authentic Superstar! Join the revolution, here

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    – What’s happened now is
    people don’t want to admit it

    but they’re taking a leap
    from Instagram influences

    or celebrities or even the Kardashians,

    who started a whole selfie thing.

    Let me grab your phone here,

    and they’re like,

    with the duck lips.

    And they’re like, people
    think it’s just dopey,

    and they are kinda silly,

    but it’s a natural instinct to want to go

    in front of a camera, for whatever reason.

    But what people don’t realize is

    that especially now, in social
    media and on the Internet,

    it takes one tenth of a second
    to make a first impression.

    So we’re living in this swipe right world,

    and studies show it literally takes a snap

    for someone to decide if they
    want to buy into you or not.

    And what happens is so many people think

    that selfies are these
    dopey, kind of teenage

    duck lips, so they get these very stiff,

    corporate-like, branded, portraits

    or they get these big
    fancy branding shoots

    where they put them in
    exotic ballgowns on the beach

    and they do crazy things,
    to do some fantasy.

    But that’s not what people relate to.

    People relate to real people,

    and that’s started from this whole

    celebrity, reality trend,

    which if you’re a business owner,

    you’re an entrepreneur,
    you’re a real estate agent

    or a coach, or whatever it is,

    if you are a person who’s
    the face of their business,

    you have the unfair advantage,

    of everyone else out there who’s still

    sort of fiddlin’ around,
    thinkin’ I don’t want

    to do selfies, I want to do a stiff photo,

    cause you’re not relating
    to the real person.

    So what happens is, if
    you could take everything

    that a big art director would do,

    or branding, a real art director,

    one who works in magazines or
    one who works in editorial,

    not someone who’s decided last night

    they’re gonna brand women
    entrepreneurs online,

    although some of them can be good,

    most of them really
    don’t have the skill set.

    But if you take everything
    that comes involved

    in a big photo shoot, like what I did

    when I was a stylist on
    photo shoots for 15 years,

    you take the composition and the setting

    and the intention of a visual message,

    an authentic, visual message that conveys

    who you really are, just
    like we’re sitting right now,

    having lunch in a restaurant,

    to the person on the other side.

    They will then buy into the real you

    and you will actually be able to create

    an aspirational version of yourself,

    not aspirational and your faking an out,

    like wearing the ballgown on the beach,

    but aspirational in that you understand

    what you need in your photo,

    to set it up properly, intentionally,

    to create the right visual message,

    to attract the crowd you want to attract.

    Thanks for watching.

    I hope you enjoy watching
    this as much as I

    enjoy making them for you.

    In case you’re new to me, I’m Sharon Haver

    and I help entrepreneurs
    realize that their expertise

    is not enough to stand out
    in a crowd and in market,

    everything from your
    branding, from your style,

    to your photos, your videos,
    it all comes together.

    I’m the founder of

    since 1999 and I never
    thought I was techy,

    that’s a long time online.

    If I can do it, you can do it

    and I’m all about sharing and helping

    and if you find value in this,

    hey please share it with a
    friend, see you next time.


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