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  • Blonde Bombshell… How to get super blonde like the Hilton sisters

    Blonde Bombshell… How to get super blonde like the Hilton sisters

    Q:I love the Hilton sisters and their hair color. I’m wondering what coloring products would I be able to use that comes close to their hair color. My hair is already blonde, but I want it really blonde. I know that theirs is bottle blonde, but is there a brand name like Clairol or anything that would match their color? Thank you so much! (Wallingford, Vermont)

    A:Not all that’s luscious comes from nature. Sometimes hitting the bottle, blonde that is, guarantees attention-worthy results.I asked hair expert extraordinaire Gad Cohen for tips to turn your hair from blah to bombshell blonde like the flaxen locks of Nicky and Paris Hilton. Here’s what Gad suggests, “I think she should try Clairol Maximum Lift Extra Blondes H-L V with 40 volume peroxide. Use equal portions of each, then add to the roots for 30 minutes, and then apply to ends. The results should be the divine blond of the Hilton sisters.”

    –November 12, 2003

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