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    The clothing spot lifter that hits the mark

    The clothing spot lifter that hits the mark

    Mom was right: never repeat the same dressy outfit when you’re with the same crowd. But when you have a roster of party hearty holiday cocktail parties that last a couple of hours each and there’s not much overlap amongst revealers, go ahead and get your money’s worth out of that designer dress.

    Yet, schmutz happens!

    We’re not talking actual filth, just a deodorant mark here. A clumped on food crumb there. Some chalky who knows what… A little easily removable dirt that’s not so easy to remove when there’s no time to get to the dry cleaner.

    Well, there’s a cute wiz of a product that effectively lifts many spots from most fabrics. Magic BrushOff™ is a two-sided non-invasive, sponge-like gizmo that has a certain static cling which draws in surface dirt. A quick sweep and the smut whisks away… if it was only so easy to do that to the spam that clutters our e-mail.

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    — November 22, 2003