Celebrity Beauty- Amber Heard Updates Hollywood Glamour in Jean Paul Gaultier and Bright Pink Lipstick

I’ll Have What She’s Having: The right dose of color and simplicity

Even though the tired term ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ opens the door to a snotty case of pungent remarks for us, it does however come to mind every so often when we spot an actress bringing it to us completely updated.

Case in point was Amber Heard at the New York premiere for ‘The Rum Diary’ at the Museum of Modern Art wearing Jean Paul Gaultier.

What worked was the surprising elegance of seeing a striking beauty covered head-to-toe in a pleated however figure defining black maxi dress that was simple in detail minus when she turned to reveal an open slit back.

While we admire that the only glimpse of skin was saved for the back (a clever way to turn heads, no?), we also think it was a genius way to frame and highlight her flawless complextion and sophisticated make-up.

We love the unexpected blast of bright pink lipstick –  a color that usually makes us wince as it is commonly worn by the orange spray-on tan set. However, please take note, that what makes a bold carnation lipstick color like this glorious rather than garish is that the color is the focal point of her makeup and NOT competing with a fake skin color or overdone eye makeup.

Easy does it, always adds allure. -Naveed Hussain

We pulled some bright pink lipsticks for you to think about…

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  1. One of the most fun things of being a woman is that it is so fascinating to try all kinds of different colors in makeup and all kinds of hairstyles and fashion.  Never gets boring and you always feel so good. A deep pink is striking and glamorous. A sweet softer pink can be so girlish.  Whatever your mood, there’s a shade.

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