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  • Kim Kardashian’s divorce news, is it the beginning of the end on celebrity products?

    Kardashian Kollection at Sears

    In the wake of Kim Kardashian’s divorce announcement and her pr-powered mega wedding event, one has to wonder how her divorce will impact the way consumers see her brand. Could this possibly be the beginning of the end on fashion and beauty products built on celebrity brand power?

    Let’s think celebrity products-  does it really ever work?

    Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson , The Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, The Olsens, and The Housewives franchise… love their products or leave them?

    I need to address this subject; as much as I love Sarah Jessica Parker’s, her Bitten line has long bit the dust, as has her days at Halston Heritage. Is there really a market for fans to run out and buy your favorite stars taste?

    Trends come and go as do celebrities.

    We love The Row & Elizabeth and James for clothing, but toothpaste?

    Paris Hilton’s perfume line has reportedly grossed close to a 100 million; that’s not small change. The response to her last brush with the law resulted in the cancellation of pre-sale’s of her lasted perfume, but that doesn’t stop the ca-ching bling on her watch line.

    Considered by most an industrywide joke we still can’t get enough of Paris; at least David Letterman thinks so. This recent appearance translates into the brands attempt to re-launch her by using the media to get her audience back; let’s see if it works.

    Jessica Simpson landed on the cover of New York Magazine “The $1 Billion Girl” so what makes this brand work? The girl next door with accessible pricing? She has 22 different licenses; to think this all started with a shoe collaboration with Vince Camuto co-founder of Nine West. I believe that you can’t put a price on style and she appeals to that girl that wants to feel pretty and doesn’t have an unlimited Amex, but loves some fab shoes and bags. That’s why her brand works!

    These other stars buy into their celebrity status and think they can edit a collection like John Galliano’s and sell it at those prices.

    What was Ungaro thinking signing Lindsay Lohan on as their creative director? That backfired after one season.

    Then you have the whole Housewives franchise– these woman were catapulted into our living rooms, and now most of them our branded and hocking their wears on TV and in store appearance’s.

    I ask you are we that media obsessed that we believe these stars have created the perfect product? When you slap your name on a bottle of wine have they gone to far?
    The Kardashians don’t think so with news reports that their empire will net $65 million this year. Will you be buying the Kardashian Kollection, pictured above and in the video below only at Sears? Or a piece from the Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian jewelry collection?

    I ask you are we media whores that are willing to follow these peoples lives to the point of spending our hard earned money to feel like a part of them?  Or work like them as in the case of Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s…

    The answer seems to be yes in the case of Jessica Simpson, the Kardashians and the Paris Hiltons of the world. Thankfully, The Olsens have demonstrated design talent with The Row and Elizabeth & James.

    Save you money and find your own style that works for you that’s my advice. And how was your day? –Brad Boles

    The world of celebrity fashion and perfume…

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