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  • Moroccanoil hair products are a conversation maker

    A tiny dab creates a very silky light finish that is said to protect against UV rays and environmental stressors.

    For all those who think New Yorkers are in a hurry, well, we’re in a hurry to get with what’s worth spending time on. Cutting to the chase, if you will— and, a talkative bunch at that.

    I really do love riding city buses.?? If I wasn’t such a multi-tasking, overloaded New Yorker, I could spend my day riding a bus and observing and chatting and taking in the view. The other day, I dropped by a new(ish) products show for the media and left with just a few interesting things to consider.

    One was a bottle of Moroccanoil (that’s one word), the hair product that’s buzzed about more than a swarm of bees at a summer picnic. It’s the one of the hair products of choice for some big celebs, including Saylma Hayek, Renee Zelwegger, Taylor Swift, Debra Messing, Katy Perry, and Marion Cotillard. Moroccanoil is used by top hair stylists, backstage at fashion shows and awards events, blah blah… you get the picture. Moroccanoil is getting the right play and becoming a celebrity cult favorite.

    Back to the bus.

    I decided to public transit my way back to the office. As I’m poking through my product swag bag, a woman seated behind me asks about my package of Moroccanoil. She seems to know all about its proprietary Argan oil blend that naturally fortifies the hair with vitamins. She’s more versed than I am as I haven’t yet read the press kit or tried the product. After more chatting, it seems that she’s a recently unemployed editor and jonesing to see what the hubbub was all about. After some dishing, she’s hooked to get herself a bottle of Morocconoil. Her enthusiasm peaked my curiosity,

    I typically shy away from any hair product with oil as I’ve been blessed with baby fine straight hair and don’t need extra help to weigh it down. But Moroccanoil is different. A tiny dab creates a very silky light finish that is said to protect against UV rays and environmental stressors. I think it makes my hair look healthier and polished.

    I also am more impressed that Moroccanoil’s Argan oil is harvested under a free trade program, which helps provide socio-economic support to families in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco, and helps improve the working conditions of its rural women. That’s much cooler than being a celebrity favorite.

    It’s not the cheapest hair product with a suggested retail price of $39 but a little bit goes a very long way. Besides, if you carry a bottle with you, I’m sure it will help you start up a conversation or two as well!

    Sold only in salons. Please visit for salon selector.

    Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for All Hair Types available at


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