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If you have or are thinking of starting an online business, don’t miss my interview on the end. French beauty and how to run a personality business, that’s right below.  Too much? Don’t worry, I have you covered on how not to stress yourself out.

Let’s get started…

Gosh, this week went by at record speed. Don’t know about you, but I just love that feeling of accomplishment of a job well-done.

New York is such a big city and so many areas have not only a different vibe but a different ethnic makeup. We took my mother-in-law out for a staycation around the city on Sunday.

In one afternoon, we visited a multi Asian shopping mall in Queens (can’t wait to go back and visit the Korean beauty store), had amazing Dim Sum at a place called Grandma’s with Grandma, walked around the trendy shops in the Lower East Side, had Brazilian coffee, wandered in an old-fashioned French candy store (love the packaging), scoped out a cactus only plant store, checked out the Manhattan skyline from Williamsburg, Brooklyn and got back to the city in time to have a glass of wine while looking at the Statue of Liberty.

Not bad since the night before we went all the way uptown to an Alphaville concert and discovered a venue that looked like an old European castle covered in gold.

I love that each area in New York City has a distinct personality. The same goes for you and your business.  

That’s why this week’s 7 Days to Amazing Podcast is all about building a personality brand.


It’s about pleasure: Marie-Laure Fournier and I have a very spirited conversation about French beauty, creating a personality brand, and founding a super successful pr agency that was an offshoot of her days nights of dancing on tables at chic French restaurants (so fun!), having a first job where she was lucky enough to have a bed in the office to sleep on.

She’s a Parisian living in New York and quite the Frenchie beauty expert too!

There are sooo many nuggets in this 7 Days to Amazing episode, plus I promise you will not only be inspired to elevate your business and amp your beauty routine too!

Listen here.



How To Keep Calm When Things Get Stressful

I know how easy it is to get stressed out and distracted by things out of your control.

I made this Quick Tip video to help you find ease in your day.

Here it is.

Around the Interwebs…

Tech is a four letter word!

I was fired up about sharing “under the hood tips” for running an online business since 1999, understanding what WordPress skills you need or don’t need, and even what to do when your developer screws you.

It’s pretty enlightening episode if you have or are considering a web presence.

… And a side of me that you don’t hear about very often.

We talk about the importance of your visual message too!

:: Listen to me on Ahmet Khalifa’s wildly popular Ignite Rock Podcast, Episode #21- Show Your Authentic Star Power with Sharon Haver, here.

You + Me…

Summer is flying by so quickly and suddenly you realize that you’re standing in the same place. Ouch!

If you are serious about getting out of your own way, finally stepping into your STAR Power to get you + your business out there, so you can attract high-level clients and be a magnet for high-level opportunities, let me help you be seen as the pro you are.

I literally have just a couple of spots on my calendar for private, one-on-one celebrity brand business building clients.

If getting out there as your best self, creating an on brand message, and fully stepping into your authentic star power resonates with you, please apply here.

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