Entrepreneur Advice: How to Manage Tasks When Things Seem Monumental [Quick Tips Video]

Entrepreneur Advice: How To Manage Tasks When Things Seem Monumental [Quick Tips Video]

We all have big, sometimes intimidating tasks in our schedule…

It comes with the territory of being a business owner. But what you might not realize is that these tasks can be managed very easily without all the stress…

The first thing you should before undertaking a monumental task is BREAK IT DOWN.

I like to break it down into 30, 60 or 90 day chunks and create an outline from there. This way I know if I am on track and exactly what step I should be working on at any given time. Make sure to create ACTIONABLE chunks when outlining your project so that you keep on track.

You can break out your daily schedule to aim for just 2 or 3 major items to complete so that you don’t have to focus on big unobtainable finish line and make some actual progress instead of freaking out.

Get creative with your schedule. Every project is unique so make sure to create a plan that fits your business and lifestyle.

In the end, chunking our these monumental task will help you feel empowered and in control of your work and have much less stress.

Try it out!

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