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  • Kid Rock…


    Cool Newborn to Toddler Clothes for Your Favorite Little Punk Get your face out of that scrunch! Yes, it’s the return of green eyeshadow and you will love it. For those who find the irony of The Osbournes way more captivating than the saccharine of Ozzy and Harriet then this StyleThing! is for you. As if someone would think that a parent who loves cutting-edge style would dress kiddy darling in putrid pastels or those fuddy-duddy pre-coordinated matched sets. Well, […]

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  • Style Stealers, the Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


    Just Say NO!!! Looks from the runway that ran away… Fashion do’s and dont’s from the runway that ran away. When photos speak a gazillion words… Be sure these no-no’s are not seen on you. When photos speak a gazillion words… Be sure these fashion no-no’s are not seen on you. ‘Nuff said. Girl, we know it’s true–you didn’t just run out of the house, we caught you with those shopping bags. Curlers (who the heck uses them now anyway???) […]

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  • The World According To Warhol…


    Andy Warhol’s witty, little ditties The World According To Warhol- Andy Warhol’s witty little ditties on style. “Looking at store windows is great entertainment because you can see these things and be really glad it’s not home filling up your closets and drawers. You never knew in advance if she’d look like a million or like two cents. And the way she’d decide she should look would have nothing to do with where you were going. But they know how […]

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