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    Mini skirt must-haves… How to get the designer runway look into your wardrobe

    How to get the designer runway look into your wardrobe

    Consider the other big fashion trend now: Gloves

    Dear Sharon: I was wondering if the mini skirt was a quick fad or it will stick around past the holidays? I see a lot of celebs photographed in short skirts, but I’m not sure if that’s just to grab the limelight or this is real fashion trend. If so, can you help out with some runway looks that I can incorporate into my wardrobe? Mini Me (Canton, GA)

    Dear Mini Me:Miniskirts are more than still in, they are a fashion must-have. No doubt that part of being a celebrity is knowing how to keep the attention on you, and a super short skirt is the way to go if you have memorable legs like Selma Blair.

    If you’ve got less than stellar pins, opt for skirts that fall at the most flattering part of your leg. But, if you’re legs rock, show them off in a mini!


    What’s great about these short skirts? They give you more space to complement high-interest pieces and groovy accessories!
    Offset the shortness of the skirt with great layers: Helmut Langmasters schoolgirl style with a crisp white shirt worn under a crewneck sweater or as DKNY showed that look with a boy’s vest and tailored jacket. Marc Jacobs layers a lightweight tank over a crewneck for absolute color contrast. Don’t be afraid to mix vintage glam patterns and textures either– get inspired by the way Anna Sui conjured up the Biba girl of the early 70’s or added the bulk of a ski sweater from that same decade. There’s nothing that will get you out of the house in style faster than pairing a short skirt with an almost-black fitted turtleneck, just the way Calvin does.


    Hosiery options abound this season, including the continuation of the bare leg. Heavy opaque tights and leggings are the most prevalent legwear trend and the most sensible for fall! Love the way Marc Jacobs captured the 60’s pop look with bold contrasting colored tights and shoesůand even Mod white tights, something that should only be worn by the fashionably adroit who have perfectly shaped thin legs.
    Get sexy and lean for night with black fishnet hose as favored by Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent. There’s something ironic about the almost knee-high socks shown with just about everything at DKNY– they remind me of the socks that the leading men had to wear during love scenes in Italian movies from the early sixties. Glittery slim legwarmers worn over opaque tights look really cute at Anna Sui, and the hybrid legging-legwarmers from Chanel totally rock. When you’re stumped for style, nothing beats the black opaque tights that rule at Helmut Lang.


    Mini skirts draw your attention down, so footwear really pops. For a young look, the rule that the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel height applies. I’m crazy for the Marc by Marc Jacobs slouchy, midcalf, flat boot with a ton of side buckles, another huge footwear trend. Love the vintage looking granny boots and furry mukluks– this year’s version of the UGG Boot— at Anna Sui. Thigh-high boots, like the ones at Balenciaga make it easy to forget about tights. A chic refined boot with a low heel and sturdy hose makes a short skirt office-worthy.
    Brilliant colored pumps with a teeny heel look extremely fresh– super cute at Marc Jacobs! There are so many takes on Mary Janes that they’re probably going to be seen more than M.J. in Spider-Man 2!
    –November 28, 2003
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