Gossip Recap- The Real Housewives of New York City, Season 4, Episode 4

Brad Boles isn’t pulling any punches on what went on with those Housewives last night

From the class of the Royal wedding fashion, to the crass of some of those RHONYC, we’ve got our favorite Queen, Brad Boles, aka Jill Zarin’s gay husband dishing the dirt. –S.H.

Does anybody really need to see a pathetic middle-aged women pull her broken laments out of a Hermes box?!

Cindy Barshop didn’t win any favors by asking Sonja Morgan downtown for lunch at Ciprinani’s only to let vanity get in the way! What was Sonja’s comment about her driver boy taking her downtown where she won’t go even for her best friend, "Nose Bleed”! She made it clear she won’t go to Quogue, in the Hamptons, as well. Sonja is all about Southampton.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Kelly Killoren Bensimon avoids conflict like the plague but ends up between Cindy and Sonja at Countess Luanne’s little get together when it becomes clear that if it wasn’t for the filming, these women would never be in the same room!

It’s so obvious that these women all have something to hock – Cindy and her spa, Kelly and her jewelry.

The worst of them all, Ramona Singer, not only brings her wine to Luanne’s, but the following day she shows up at a dog charity promoting her jewelry in the form of a tee shirt with the logo blazing across her chest. This is so wrong!

Was I seeing things or did Sonja bring a Birkin bag to the beach while walking the dog?

Kelly was making angels in the sand to avoid another pointless conversation with her.

Luanne’s son, Noel, introduces his line of skateboards! This show is becoming one big infomercial…help!

Cindy clearly doesn’t like anybody else plugging at her own party, as Ramona once again shamelessly wants to know where her Pinot Grigio is! I think we’ve have had enough of her at this point. Ramona, you are Freddie Kruger incarnate!

Cindy’s brother Howie is being dragged through the mud by Ramona’s needless plea for emotional sympathy after the mention of a cigar once owned by Jeff, a friend that passed away. Cindy tries to calm her down.

The sad thing here is, these people are not actors. This is as bad as it gets! We have found out that Cindy has an issue with food dips at a party.

How is any of this relevant when the biggest headlines this week are that President Obama has released his birth certificate, the royal wedding of William and Kate, the Alabama tornado devastation, and the bomb blast in Marrakesh, Morocco?

Check in for my regular reviews and tidbits about each RHONYC episode, and who knows what surprises will come about?!

And how was your week? — Brad Boles

All of these are the personal opinions of Brad Boles and not of FocusOnStyle.com.

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