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  • How to get more done by doing less

    Forget FOMO! How to get more done by doing less

    Strategic moderation is the magic formula to get more done in your business (no shizzle)

    When it comes actually to figure out how to get more done, the most direct and logical way to get ahead is not doing a million things– no matter how tantalizing they may seem.

    You’ve probably tried a little of this, some of that, a sprinkle of what not, how about this?  Yet, this one thing is so straightforward that it might just blow your mind.

    It’s not so unusual, and research shows that 56% of social media users report a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) that there’s an event, an important thing, news, something, if they’re not on social media.

    I know it may sound crazy actually to do less, but as entrepreneurs, we can can get carried away with doing a million things. You know the old throwing spaghetti on the wall type of (non) business planning..

    But what if I told you that…

    Strategic Moderation is key to smart success.

    When you know how to step back instead of overwhelming yourself with too many (un)important things.

    If you are…

    • coming from a corporate job
    • own a business
    • work from home
    • you’re transitioning professionally
    • a mom creating her first online business

    Watch “Easy Does it… Why moderation is key to smart success” my livestream on a very hot day with a fab view of the NYC skyline:

    It’s so easy to get FOMO and feel the need to attend every coaching event, conference, a  freebie from every business coach and any no to low investment thing that promises something that you think you need.

    You basically glom onto A-N-Y-T-H-I-NG that lifts up your mood feeling, and vibration for a while. Why not, you may even meet like-minded souls that you can connect with?

    While these appear as a pretty good solution at first, you end up with a plethora of disconnected information and never really find the straight line to get results on what you need to do.

    Well, maybe you think you will at the time because all this stuff comes with promises…

    … That makes you go all in, so you buy almost every program out there because it seems very exciting  because you were in the moment with the comradery of all those like-minded people around you around you! It’s not so bad to crave that attention and bonding that you get when you’re in one of those big businesses coach groups.

    Listen, I’ve been sucked into several (make that a lot) of marketing myself.

    I’m here to tell you to TAKE IT EASY!

    Because you don’t need it ALL yet!

    What you do need is to learn to master the art of STRATEGIC MODERATION.

    Learn the elegance of finding the ONE thing that you can really master — in all its parts… from the frontend to  the backend.

    That means, don’t take a selling from the stage course if you have no way to actually deliver what you sell. Or have a brand image that doesn’t show up like the respected authority you say you are.

    Make what you need to do as easy as possible by pulling yourself back from all the noise is out there and concentrate on exactly what you need to promote your business, build your brand, show up authentically, so you feel, look, and are perceived as the best version of yourself.

    Never forget that people make a judgment about you in 1/10 of a second online, simply by seeing your headshots- don’t cut your first impression short.

    Take a more holistic approach and focus on strategic moderation to do what you need to do in the order you need to do it.

    Not only will you relieve overwhelm, feel less frustrated that you’re not getting the results you like, but you’ll actually show up confidently to share your message to the world.

    Hope you enjoy these tips and the video as I did making it for you. Don’t forget to share if you have friends who would benefit.

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