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  • Brand Building Puzzle – Solved!

    How do you solve the PUZZLE of building your BRAND

    Ok, you’re REINVENTING YOURSELF… So how do you solve the PUZZLE of building your BRAND?

    Creating a personal brand from scratch can be overwhelming, but there is a way to not only easily find your best brand persona but also be as authentic as possible.

    Oh, did I mention that it will be fun and creative too?

    One of the frustrations that I often hear about from clients, and entrepreneurs new to the online space, is how to create a cohesive personal brand that reflects their personality and expertise in every way- from their visual message, their website look and feel, to their written message to their core values.

    Your goal is to create a brand so true to you that one someone sees you or comes across your information online, they instantly know what you are about.

    Many small business owners spend thousands of dollars on brand building but never really address what relates to them on a personal level. And even though they paid all this money to an agency, they end up with a “borrowed” brand identity that  someone else created for them and it’s just not sending the an authentic message.

    If you’re coming from another profession, a corporate job or reinventing yourself you probably never had to worry about being the face of your brand so it may seem intimidating and overwhelming to take on this project.

    But aligning your brand image and point of view is key to everything that follows in your business.

    Watch how to solve the brand puzzle, your way:

    I came across Pinterest several years ago and never looked back. It what I use myself when I need to create a vision board and what I use with clients and students in One on One work and online programs such as Simply Amazing Headshots or the C’est Chic Crash Course.

    Pinterest allows you to collect or “pin” inspirational elements that are pleasing to you. So whether you’re trying to create a new website, landing page, new brand colors or just want to reinvent yourself, you can create a separate board of ideas to spark ideas.

    I explain more about the process in the video above, but basically you create an individual board of images, colors, designs, outfits, what nots that represents each individual idea in your branding.

    Soon, you will see a thread of concepts that all work together like perfect pieces in a puzzle  and can be modeled in your personal brand. I do have to warn you that creating Pinterest boards for ideas can take you down a rabbit hole that’s too fun to stop.

    Don’t forget to watch my livestream for details on the hows and whys of solving your brand puzzle.

    Here’s a link to my Pinterest, follow me there.

    Bonus video: Have you seen my latest live video on shooting outside? I go over “magic hour” and a few more lighting tips so you can show up looking your best!  Click here to view!

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