How to get wavy, curly big hair gorgeousness from hairstylist Paul Labrecque

Romantic hairstyle how-to’s to make every day Valentine’s Day!

From runways to the red carpet, beautiful wavy hair and voluminous curls are the modern big hair trends.

We have some exciting and easy hairstyling how-to tips from top hairstylist Paul Labrecque, who shares his styling secrets to get muse-like curls and seductive waves at home.

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Glamorous and romantic loose waves are always a coveted hairstyle and a very modern change from pin straight, flat-iron hair that is really reaching its style expiration mark.

Hair Tip: Make sure hair is very wet before you begin styling…

  • Apply a curl activating gel and a leave-in conditioner. Paul is partial to his own Paul Labrecque’s Curly Style and Repair Style.
  • After product is applied, twist wet hair into ringlets.
  • Slowly dry hair with a diffuser and make sure you don’t break the curl. It’s very important you don’t move your hair while drying since too much touching during this phase could cause frizz.
  • Once hair is dry add a shine serum for extra gloss. Try Paul Labrecque’s Curly Finish, or any other lightweight Camelia Oil spray that won’t weigh hair down.

Voila, gorgeous waves in a cinch!

Get muse-like curls like this at home

Get muse-like curls like this at home


Hair tip for naturally curly hair: It’s a cinch to master soft curls with naturally curly hair, if you use the right products. An anti-frizz curl activator such as Paul’s branded one, Paul Labrecque Curly Style, helps to form gentle curls without making them crisp, fragile or frizzy.

  • Put a dollop of anti-frizz curl activator on damp hair.
  • Twist sections of hair around one of your fingers.
  • Let hair dry naturally or use a diffuser for added volume.

  • When the ironing is done, use an alcohol-free silicone product to work through hair with your hands to separate and free hair to make the style complete.


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  1. It is important to wash your hair because shampooing removes dirt, dead skin cells, hair oils, and any hair products you may put into your hair. Use a conditioner after shampooing; it’ll moisturize your hair.

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