How You Show Up Doesn’t Just Mean Arriving – It’s How You Make A First Impression [Video]

First Impression

Do you have what you need to SHOW UP, STAND OUT and make a FIRST IMPRESSION?

No one wants to be stuck on the sidelines. Out of sight, out of mind, out of business. Are you stuck there now? Do you know why? This could be the reason.

If you just half-commit to your arrival, to your business, to your online persona, then you’ll be lost in the masses.

It’s all about your grand entrance! How are you showing up?

Do you just casually arrive, maybe wave to a few people you know, and just HOPE things come your way? You need to make a scene, a statement, a revolution.
(Just For The Record: Not like the crazy cat lady either)

Watch this for the whole enchilada…

Video Transcription

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– Hey, hey, hey.

I got something to share with you.

So, you got a business
and you got a brand.

How are you showing up?

Do you have what you
need to look the part?

What do you do?

I got a few tips for you.

So whether you’re doing your photos

or you’re doing videos or livestreams,

you always kinda wanna
look a little bit like

who you really are as a human being

because if someone dialed you up

and you hired a stylist and I know,

I never styled real people for shoots.

I style big brands,
celebrities, magazines.

It’s a whole other level
but I know what it is

about jujjing it up.

Those people, they’re paid to be models.

They’re paid to be celebrities.

They’re paid to be this malleable creature

to do whatever they’re doing.

They’re not real.

They’re kind of just the hanger

if you wanna think of it that way.

But you, you’re real.

You’re a real person.

No one’s buying this fake on image of you.

They’re buying you.

They’re buying you to know who you are,

how you show up, what you represent,

how relative you are,
how relatable you are,

how authentic you are.

So you can’t hire that stuff out

because then it’s not true to you.

If you wanna hire it out,

you need to know that the person

who you’re taking the expertise from

is not making you like a
coliform dress up Barbie doll

of who they think you should be.

But they’re actually
getting into know you.

So for instance let’s talk about style

because I’ve been in style a long time

but I’ve also been in
marketing and business

just as long.

So when it comes to me,

I’m kind of a New Yorker, right?

So when I’m relating to you,

I’m coming out myself.

One time club girl, downtown kinda girl,

been in business a long time,

love my New York stuff.

So maybe today I’m deciding to wear

a little bit of kind of my
rock and roll leopard for you.

But I’m also wearing a
top I wear all the time

which I kind of love.

You’ve maybe even seen
it in some other videos.

But you’ll also realize

I got a house in Wyoming.

So sometimes I go to Jackson Hole

and I’m like a cowgirl.

Even though I can’t really ride a horse

but I’m a cowgirl.

So you think I have a whole
different wardrobe out there?

Not necessarily.

It’s how I put things together.

Maybe there I’m wearing my cowboy boots

with my plaid shirt but
come to think of it,

I kinda wear them in New York too.

So what I’m saying is when
you’re in your business,

when you’re your brand and
you really know who you are

wherever you are it’s about you.

My brand colors are always the same.

They’re not just on my website.

They’re the same colors in my house.

They’re the same colors in my wardrobe.

They’re the same colors in my office.

There’s a reason. I like those colors.

They’re me.

So when you learn how to go deep

and get authentic with yourself,

you will see a flow that
no matter where you are,

no matter what you do,

from the fonts you choose
to the clothes you wear

to the scenery behind you,

it’s all gonna go together
and be relatable to you.

And when you’re doing your own photos,

you need to make sure that
in that one tenth of a second

online people see you and understand you

and they could look at me and go,

“Oh, that’s Sharon. It looks like Sharon.”

So I want them to be able to look at you

in a photo, in a snap and say,

“That’s you.”

It’s really simple.

You just need to learn how.

I’ll show you.

Just keep following me along.


How you bring yourself to the table plays a vital part in your business success. 

Here’s a zinger that you cannot ignore when it comes to your one one “entrance”  Studies show it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo.

So, what kind of tips do I have for you to make an entrance?

The key ‘Be’s’ to remember….

  • Be Relatable.
  • Be Real.
  • Be Relevant
  • Be Irreplaceable.
  • Be Consistent.
  • Be Present!

If you want to hire out a branding photographer, go for it. BUT make sure YOU’RE the person they’re getting to know. Be YOU in front of the camera not some staged or fantasy version that buries the authentic you.  Stand up for yourself, take charge of how you arrive!

Do you have what you need? You do. Right there within you. Now SHOW UP!!


It’s your time to follow the leads of celebrities and thought leaders by becoming an Authentic Superstar. Join the revolution, here.

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