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  • How You Show Up Doesn’t Just Mean Arriving – It’s How You Make A First Impression.

    First Impression

    Do you have what you need to SHOW UP, STAND OUT and make a FIRST IMPRESSION?

    No one wants to be stuck on the sidelines. Out of sight, out of mind, out of business. Are you stuck there now? Do you know why? This could be the reason.

    If you just half-commit to your arrival, to your business, to your online persona, then you’ll be lost in the masses.

    It’s all about your grand entrance! How are you showing up?

    Do you just casually arrive, maybe wave to a few people you know, and just HOPE things come your way? You need to make a scene, a statement, a revolution.
    (Just For The Record: Not like the crazy cat lady either)

    Watch this for the whole enchilada…

    How you bring yourself to the table plays a vital part in your business success. 

    Here’s a zinger that you cannot ignore when it comes to your one one “entrance”  Studies show it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo.

    So, what kind of tips do I have for you to make an entrance?

    The key ‘Be’s’ to remember….

    • Be Relatable.
    • Be Real.
    • Be Relevant
    • Be Irreplaceable.
    • Be Consistent.
    • Be Present!

    If you want to hire out a branding photographer, go for it. BUT make sure YOU’RE the person they’re getting to know. Be YOU in front of the camera not some staged or fantasy version that buries the authentic you.  Stand up for yourself, take charge of how you arrive!

    Do you have what you need? You do. Right there within you. Now SHOW UP!!


    It’s your time to follow the leads of celebrities and thought leaders by becoming an Authentic Superstar. Join the revolution, here.

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