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  • Dark circles, be gone (sort of)

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    Undereye rings keep us up all night

    Dark circles, be gone. Hylexin solution for dark under eye circles that keep us up all night.

    If there simply was some payback for every time we hear, “Oh, you look so tired, ”when our only intention was to make it through the day make-up free.
    Yes, a good stick of concealer is a girl’s best friend. But what if we felt like spending the day with our face cosmetically bare? What if we chose to forgo the glamorous front of oversized shades? How pooped would we hear that we look? Would we scare small children with our raccoon eyes? Could we maintain the illusion that we were up all night participating in some decadent affair, when in truth, we were too lazy to hit the make-up mirror?

    Questions aside, we continue to try every beauty remedy, every camouflage trick, every form of cosmetic corrector and subterfuge while muttering that although our parents were wonderful, we inherited their blasted dark under eye circles!
    That’s why Hylexin, which claims to be “the first formula specifically developed to address the underlying cause of SERIOUS dark circles” caught our intrepid, yet murky, eye.

    The opinion of many research dermatologists indicates that capillaries which leak hemoglobin cause the darker skin pigmentation or dark under eye circles. Hylexin helps break down and strengthen all that generate the nasty undereye discoloration. A couple of daily dabs should do you. In time you
    may forget that you once looked like you were born with a permanent shiner.

    –July 21, 2005

    Where-to-Buy Hylexin:
    Sephora, Macy’, Bloomingdale’s, and other beauty emporiums.

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