On Trend: Lace

Although a timeless classic for special occasions, lace is one of the biggest trends this season.

Before we delve into ways to wear lace and make it look modern, have you ever thought about what lace means to you?

What does lace evoke, and where does it stand in your life?

At first, those may seem like tricky questions especially if lace is not for you. But have you ever thought about the symbolism of lace and it’s enduring significance throughout history. From fairy princesses to walking down the isle, from purity to regal elegance, from sweet to sexy, the complex symbolism of lace and it’s history makes it one of the most substantial yet often over looked fabrications of modern time.

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Getting Sexy Back…
No matter what, there is always a constant piece of lace in most women’s wardrobes by way of a lace bra and panties. A lace bra is not only a coming of age staple but a classic way to feel sexy and feminine… just ask any Parisienne and you’ll understand the personal power of good lace bra.

While lace always has a romantic and feminine allure in it’s peek-a-boo, bare yet veiled exposure, the texture and type of the lace is what qualifies it from looking innocent, provocative, elegant or sleazy. There really isn’t any other fabric that can suggest so many different visual assumptions.

Cheap or Chic?
Although lace is a timeless fabric it is very much on trend right now and having its’ fashion moment.  Through history, from Victorian whites to bespoke Burano lace trim to couture embellished French lace, the three–dimensional texture of handmade lace has a certain richness and allure which sets it apart from machine-made lace that you find in contemporary chain stores.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find incredible cheap chic lace pieces. It’s usually machine-made lace that has a lot of nylon in it which gives it the tacky feel. Since most of us can’t afford high-end, handmade designer lace or vintage pieces, the ubiquitousness of lace this season gives plenty of opportunity to find chic lace pieces on any budget.

In the News…


Read the full story on Racked,  one of my go-to websites for nabbing insider deals on fashion steals that tapped me for my style expert insights on the ever-changing symbolism of lace.

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Make It Modern…
 Modern lace is both playful and provocative… a little now you think you see through it, now you don’t. Or maybe you do like Anna Dello Russo’s butt-baring embellished and transparent dress from NYFW. (above)

For day, lace looks modern when it’s minimal and mixed with the unexpected like a denim jacket. For dressier looks, more simple silhouettes that let the fabric be the focal point look chic rather than fussy pieces that can appear dowdy or overly girly.

Shop It…
I pulled some pretty lace tops and dresses for you to consider.

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