How to wear it now? Styling Hacks from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017

Oh, my chicster, you know the city most known for that certain oh-la-la style… and when they do fashion week, it’s time to take notice! Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 is one of my favorite fashion week stops because there are so many little trends to steal to reshape your wardrobe, NOW.

Most significant are the bigger shoulders, leg-o-mutton sleeves, small waist and that ode to 80’s glam.

So if you are like me and sported a few of these silhouettes the first go round, you know that at a certain time in your life, it’s all about the nuance so that you don’t look like you were caught in a time warp. But don’t fret, fashion works in cycles, and it’s time to cycle back to those more dramatic silhouettes with enough styling hacks to look modern.

Just in case you were thinking, DO NOT even consider those koo koo for CocoPuffs 80s hairdos. I’ve heard there’s a remake of  the “Dynasty” TV show in the works, but let’s keep the hair for the  time capsules.

I’ll sign off and let Naveed take you on a tour of the Paris runways… no ticket required!  — S.H.

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 styling tricks and hacks to try now for quick and simple updates to your look

By now you probably understand that fashion shows are nothing like real life. Especially when you see the circus acts of over the top, never gonna wear it parades each season.

But that said, you cannot deny that clothes can be transformative, uplifting, fun and essential to your bottom line. When you put on that new dress, or try to wear a go-to blouse a different way, you are not only expressing yourself, you are putting money in the bank, meeting that special someone, getting that promotion. The way you present yourself in turn becomes your signature, your calling card. And it gives you edge.

Don’t think that people don’t notice! Your look is your message, and you are judged even before you speak. So make fashion work for you, and not the other way around.

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And it’s not always about going out and buying new clothes or chasing after every fad. It’s about taking what you have and elevating it to present the best you.

Here’s the best from Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017 to boost your look now…

Think Pink-


Seen at: Celine, Hermes(above, middle), Balenciaga, Valentino(above, left & right), Rochas

Make it yours: Though shades of candy pink conjure childlike whimsy, the looks above elicit a sense of ladylike sophistication via classic shapes that work to elevate the girly appeal of such a hue. The bottle green and pink pairing from Hermes really caught my eye with its unexpected combo that while not exactly a statement maker, is certain to catch an eye. That said, think outside of the box when playing with such a sweet shade.

Fit & Flare Dresses-


Seen at:  Celine, Veronique Branquinho, Lemaire(above, left & right), Sonia Rykiel(above, center)

Make it yours: Fit & flare shirtdresses made an appearance on almost every runway as they work to hide problem areas(i.e hips, thighs) and accentuate the waist. Best of all, they make great foundations for accessories from attention grabbing belts to necklaces, and never go out of style.

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New Takes On Power Suiting-


Seen at: Saint Laurent, Celine, Lemaire, Louis Vuitton(above)

Make it yours: Notes from the 80’s were everywhere once again, from power suiting to riskier neon numbers. The difference this time around lie in unexpected silhouettes like Louis Vuitton’s gorgeous cape sleeved number above. Ditch the leather undershirt and look for a similar cut as you’ll most likely be the only one in the room with a jacket boasting such interest.

Slick Outerwear-


Seen at: Kenzo, Dries Van Noten(above, right), Balenciga(above, left), Barbara Bui

Make it yours: While the mile wide shoulders of Balenciaga’s trench(above, left) are definitely not to be tried, there’s something to be said about the cool allure of fabrications so slick they  appear to be varnished. Plus, they pair well with textured pieces, say with a chubby knit or a ribbed, pleated dress.

Bolder Shoulders-


Seen at: Louis Vuitton, Celine, Isabel Marant(above, left), Balenciaga, Stella McCartney(above, right)

Make it yours: The 80’s continue to cycle through trends every few years or so, but hold off on the ‘been there’ shtick. As what worked yesterday most certainly will not today. Take the bold shouldered tops above, paired with the season’s paper bag waist, they work to define the waist while giving off a sense of authority. The trick as always, is to keep it simple and less aggressive than yesteryear.

The Ultimate 80’s Flashback-


Seen at: Chanel(above), Saint Laurent, Loewe

Make it yours: The true return of the 80’s was capped off at Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld’s baseball caps finishing off even the most ladylike of suiting. Yes tweed suits paired with caps – why not? They gave rather classic looks a big dose of attitude, and as I said before, fashion may not be a reflection of real life, but it’s here for your enjoyment. Have fun, live a little, take that chance!


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