Schussing for Style…

Wool makes its mark in fashionable ski clothing

There really are two types of winter sports enthusiasts.

Snow bunnies who love to wear those skinny, tight pants, lots of fashion designer glitz, and anything that flashes big bucks on the slopes. Then, there’s the more rough and ready type who favor techno groovy, baggy clothes that are easy to move in, shield the elements, and have that “I’m too cool to care” kinda feel.

Here’s what happens when the twain shall meet: You get style, substance, and a great fit that hugs your booty without screaming “Ivana” get noticed! Ibex outdoor clothing is based on wool. Not your daddy’s wool ski clothes that itched, dragged, and kept you damp.

But, performance perfected wool with a merino interior and a nylon exterior that regulates temperature, is soft, non-stinky, machine washable, and fits like the way you want your outdoor clothes to look, sleek, simple, and smart.

The Back Country Climawool™ pants are intelligent enough to have plenty of pockets to stash a cell phone, keys, money, and then some without too much adding bulk. The look is so clean that you’ll want to wear them off the slopes with a fluffy sweater and Ugg boots on frigid winter days.

Finally, there’s ski pant that doesn’t have you asking, “Do I look fat?

–November 24, 2003

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