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  • Models Without Hair and Makeup


    And, they all woke up that way, not!

    One of my main reasons to launch Focus on Style as a syndicated column way back when was because as a stylist, I kept hearing myself reassure women that almost anyone can make the most of what they’ve got if they only know how to work it with the proper skills.

    Instead of feeling sorry for oneself that she was not born “amazing,” women need to understand the professional effort behind the illusion of beauty that they see in magazines and advertising pages and take note of the highly trained crew of hair, make-up, stylist, photographer, lighting, retoucher et al. which make the sometimes bland but highly photogenic model look drop-dead gorgeous! The Focus On Style newspaper column began as a way for readers to learn the insider secrets that could perhaps make Danny Devito in a dress look simply divine and provide a way to share tips and advice to get a leg up on your own personal style.

    I urge all to take a look at the model before and after photos without the benefit of make-up and hair in New York magazine and then take a very deep breath that with the right tips, you too can look amazing with a certain amount of effort!

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