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  • Paris Fashion Week Street Style Trend Report: It’s chilly, wear a fun + chic knit hat, like a turban or a big pom-pom!

    Paris Fashion Week- Chic & Fun hats

    Leave it to the French to take it up a notch. We saw those carefree and adorable boyfriend beanies on the street style ladies of London Fashion Week.

    And, now for Paris Fashion Week, we have the super chic knit hats by way of a turban and an oversized pom-pom looking so right with dressed up city fun colors.


     I have to admit that I’ve always been a bit shizzled about wearing turbans.

    There was a black leather Hermés turban that I snagged at a sample sale and felt a bit overwhelmed wearing. I gave it out for consignment, and like a side street fortune-teller, it vanished without a trace, along with my Victorian Indonesian armoire. Quite the combo to hot finger by sleazy reseller, I might add.

    Then my friend Shawn and I had a silly theme about Turbantious, the faux disease you have when your turban is wrapped too tight and you forget all sense of reality. You may even know someone afflicted by their inflated sense of fabulousness.


    Enough lamenting! Fast forward to NOW and these two ladies look dang incredible in their chic knits hats. Try one, it’s still chilly out and brisk take on a season wardrobe picker-upper!

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    Photos: Haleigh Walsworth

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