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  • One Huge Productivity Tip on Creative Process + Wonderful View of New York City Harbor and Statue of Liberty [video]

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    How I accelerated my business in the first few years.

    I was standing in the openness between the Freedom Tower and Statue of Liberty and started thinking how you can find freedom in your business just like the statue that elegantly represents this.

    As an entrepreneur, especially in the early stages (or even first few years), you end up spending hours and time beyond belief to successfully grow a business. You get caught up in a lot of work – even during weekends and evenings!

    There is a way to make that growth (to any next level) more productive as well as alleviate overwhelming tasks so you can ACTUALLY have the freedom in your business that you dreamed about.

    Watch my Live Video: This technique can accelerate your business in its early stages.

    So the one huge productivity tip on creative process that gave me the freedom to work on my own pace is to CHUNK IT out.


    You need to set things up into goals, into what you’re gonna be doing this week, into months, into quarters, into years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 to 20 year goals and in that task it out and CHUNK IT out into something that’s much smaller and not as monumental and crazy.

    And I know personally, as an entrepreneur it’s so easy to have one week roll into the next week! And another week goes, and another… and the next thing you know projects get really, really far behind.

    So, what we’ve been doing in is to CHUNK IT out into very long term goals and to absolutely short term goals as to what we need to do for 3 huge CHUNKS and task it down into what we need to get accomplished,

    • person by person
    • vendor by vendor
    • outsourcer by outsourcer

    So we’re on top of things like

    • what has to get done
    • what got lost
    • And a couple of extra things that comes up during the week

    What I really found out is that if you really want more freedom in your life, you have to spend the time really going into the process of it, and breaking it down and chunking it down, so that you have a goal for that week.

    And if you miss that goal? Simple. You could move that goal over to the next week and stay on top of it that it missed out on your monthly goal. That way you’re not finding yourself crazy hours – even weekends and evenings or what seems like 7,000 hours in a day!

    You will have more time to enjoy other things and you get more stuff done.

    As an entrepreneur, we all know how critical it is to not get overlooked and be seen in our strength to earn what we deserve. I invite you to download your free copy of my e-book at so you can make your first impression your best lasting impression.

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