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  • Online Identities Exposed: The Truth About Being Memorable [Video]

    online identity

    So We See Your Photo Online… But Who Is That Person?

    Presenting an online identity, can be tricky, sure, but there is a way to make it easier on yourself and more enjoyable. Plus, you want to be remembered as people scroll through all that’s out there. You need them to remember YOU.

    Instead of stressing and stressing about ‘looking perfect’ anytime you want you engage with your tribe, just ask yourself one question: is this me?

    Watch To See How Natural (And Easy!) This Is…

    Give yourself permission to stand out like a star!

    The 🔑 Solution For SAVVY ENTREPRENEURS Struggling To ⭐️STAND OUT ⭐️in a CROWDED MARKET!

    Competing with others is hard, right?

    There are so many people out there doing something “like” what we do…

    But you must…
    — GET your clients.
    — EARN your money.
    — SELL your brand.

    💎WATCH THIS for the simple solution to NOT GET OVERLOOKED in the crowd.

    Posted by Sharon Haver – on Friday, November 23, 2018

    Apply This Every Day…

    My style mentoring students know that every day is your play. You get to play any character you want based on mood, circumstance, and how you feel that day.

    The same goes for your brand image– your online persona.

    Give yourself permission to be you. In every way. Always.

    It’s Not About Faking It…

    It’s always about being real in who you are– that moment.

    Don’t think you’re hiding like the person in the image at the top of this post — because we all see you. That painting is in my powder room. It’s a constant reminder that we are only hiding from ourselves.

    ‘Online persona’ does not refer to a fake person you pretend to be only when there is a camera in front of you, no! Your online persona is the most honest version of you, the one people want to see and get to know!

    No Matter Who You Are, Show Us!

    What’s your online persona?

    Not Sure? Try asking yourself these questions to find out:

    • Am I presenting my most genuine self?
    • What makes me unique?
    • When am I the most comfortable, relaxed and confident?
    • What is my message?

    Take the time to answer. Get excited about the answers! Don’t you want to show us who you are? I hope so, because we want you to share!

    Don’t Waste Anymore Time Not Being The Best You That You Can Be!

    It’s time to follow the lead of thought leaders and celebrities and become and Authentic SuperStar! Join the revolution, here:


    P.S. The funky painting at the top is in my powder room. It serves a s a constant reminder that if you think no one sees you, they do…  You’re always exposed, so show up as you want to be perceived!

    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    – You guys who know me, right?

    You know this is not my makeup, right?

    I don’t usually wear this
    much makeup and a ponytail,

    that kinda eyelashes, and big earrings.

    Now, maybe tonight [laughs]
    tonight’s the night that I feel

    that it’s the perfect
    night to go in persona,

    and I thought that might
    help you just a little bit

    because, when you’re an
    entrepreneur and when

    you’re online, you can
    develop different personas.

    You wanna be your most authentic self.

    You want people to be
    able to identify with you.

    What’s right for one
    person is not necessarily

    right for someone else.

    So the Kardashian contour
    and the black, black eye,

    and the super-long
    eyelashes, and some long,

    diva hair extensions?

    They’re really not my thing.

    They’re not my thing at all,

    but you gotta think of other people.

    So when you’re online and
    when you’re doing videos,

    and when you’re actually
    communicating with people

    and developing a look,
    you wanna develop a look

    that’s real to you.

    And, sure, you can go out at
    certain times and have fun,

    just like I’m having fun right now,

    but you really wanna make sure that when

    you’re presenting yourself
    on an every day basis,

    that you’re real, and
    if the heavy eyelashes

    and lots of contour are
    your thing, hey, so be it.

    But if it’s not really your thing,

    I suggest you kinda find an
    everyday look that suits you,

    that you can always look
    ready for going on camera,

    for doing head shots.

    [laughs] I was fortunate to learn how

    to do my makeup when I was 16,

    and it’s the basic thing
    that has never failed me with

    natural colors, but when
    it comes, many years later,

    I am able to totally
    zhoosh it up in this way

    when I want to, or
    absolutely tone it down.

    But I know the basic, basic
    way of creating a look,

    and that’s my persona.

    That’s who I am.

    So I hope that helps you.

    I’d like to see what you come back with.

    Who’s your online persona?

    What are you like?

    And if you don’t know
    me and you’re new to me,

    I’m Sharon Hayburn, I help entrepreneurs

    who realize their expertise
    is not enough to stand out

    in a crowded market, founded
    Focus on Style back in 1999,

    and I’ve been giving lots of tips.

    My husband, this is hysterical, my husband

    just drove past me,
    didn’t even recognize me.

    So [laughs] crazy, right?

    So anyway, if you benefit from these tips,

    hey, share them with your friends.

    I hope you enjoy this as much
    as I enjoy making it for you,

    and I’m gonna ask you right
    now what’s your online persona?

    What’s it all about for you?

    See you guys soon, take care, have fun!

    Life is just meant to be fun.


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